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    1. look at the yellow circular dots… It looks like a square cause the dots in the middle portion are set up to be the outline of a square -.-

  1. Wow!

    I did a little experiment:

    If you move the scrollbar the image, you see the illusion. So, I have an USB mouse ans i noticed that when I move i little bit the scrollwheel without actually scrolling the page, the image starts to move too!!!

    I’ve disconected the mouse and did the same again, but the image was still. I think that my brain know that I disconnected the mouse :-)

    Excuse my english, jeje

  2. The picture kinda jumps out of it’s frame.
    It takes a bowl shape. :S

    Oh and don’t look at this one on mild psychedelics… It kinda jumps out of your screen and swirls…

    I am sober atm.

  3. I love your website, especially this illusion. The square moves around the page! Can you post some more of these types of illusions, I really love them!

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