Hyena Shadow Optical Illusion

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday to you all! It will almost be summer soon, but the weather is warm enough that people love to do things like take their dogs for long walks.  While walking outside, the bright sun can cast shadows on everything, and sometimes, those shadows can be very deceiving.  Take a look at today’s optical illusion and what do you see?

Hyena Dog

You see a regular ordinary dog on top, but look at the shadow. Does that shadow look like an ordinary dog to you?  Suddenly, man’s best friend does not look like a friend anymore, but a blood thirsty hyena. Hyenas are native to Africa, and there is something mystical about them that the natives have been aware of for centuries. Perhaps, this optical illusion just goes to show you that sometimes the most innocent creatures can have a sinister side to them and that even the most loyal friend may not be so loyal if given the right circumstances. What do you all think? Is this dog just the victim of a trick of light and shadow or something more? Want to see another great illusion that will boggle the mind? Here is a great illusion involving a cat, can you find it?

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