Hybrid Dolphin Car Illusion

Sorry for such a long delay between posting. I can assure you that the excuse is justified – in other words, don’t ask. I’ll probably announce it in a day or so, when the momentum is strong enough. Concerning the illusion for today, I believe similar one was already featured on the site few months ago – probably a slightly different motive was used, but the principle it works under, is identical. Those of you who are long time visitors, already have an idea how this works. The blurred dolphin below is just a plain illusion. If you move your head few meters away from the screen, you should be able to spot a race car. I’m not quite certain which type, since I’m not into them. For another similar illusion, check Marilyn Monroe illusion, as well as Cat Woman article. Comment your thoughts on which car this represents.

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  1. When I first saw this picture I thought oh, a car being seen through a very fogy thick piece of glass.
    Then saw the dolphin.

    Maybe if gold and Grey were reversed..

  2. No offense, but I kinda thought this was slightly pathetic and really easy to make your own of using photoshop. Not much of an illusion.

  3. I have never spoke up before on this site, but I’ve been watching it for a long time.

    This is probably the worst thing I’ve seen…

  4. Fun picture.

    It is soooo goooood to have you back Vurdak..

    Plaese if you find the time – we are not none with the baked bean man…

    Rikke DK

  5. These are awesome. I love you man.

    I came really close to the monitor and witnessed wheels and then I looked back and could see the car within the dolphin

    I always look forward to these:)
    And thank goodness..You have no idea how the delays impacted my days….Glad you’re back:)

  6. I don’t know about everyone else, but I have a harder time spotting the car than the dolphin! (I do see the car, though). Since the car’s so blurry, I don’t have any idea of what make or model it is. Cool illusion, though!

  7. A race car!
    But… I think I see my grandpa’s old car when he went shopping yesterday, ’cause he run out of sockets, and found some beautiful ones, with coloured squares and lines. A race car, you say? Ok, I’ll clean my glasses.

  8. this is the second time i tried to post therefore I must say that this site is just as lame as this illusion. come on it was a great thing about 6 months ago what happened. this illusion is stupid it is just a blurred out picture of a toyota supra with a dolphin drawn over it. wow my 2 year old can do that. any way fix the site it is boring. jeff

  9. The Marilyn Monroe one was definitely better, but it’s great to have you back. I was bored the past few days.

  10. And just how is this an illusion?

    It is just a picture of a car, under a semi-transparent photoshop layer of a dolphin & a beach ball which has been subjected to an emboss filter.

  11. At first I looked at it and thought “What Car?” But I read the instructions and wouldn’t you know it, it worked. Thanks for the illusions.

  12. w00t first comment?

    uhh well I definatly see a race car, lol, but I can’t tell what kind. Good illusion though.

  13. I see it, but it’s still kind of blurry. You don’t have to stand far away though, just squint your eyes.

  14. how is this even an illusion??? its two pictures on top of each other, similar form, and one is just transparent, while the unfocused one is opaque. worst “illusion” ever

  15. That’s a bit pants isn’t it. I could do that in photoshop in 5 minutes as could anyone with a basic knowledge of the program. Sorry not impressed at all!!


  17. Amateur, lame, photoshop trick, who cares, it’s cool looking. I saw the car out of corner of my eye. Then I tilted my glasses and got the effect. Very neat seeing the dolphin and car appear in turns.

    signed – the eternal 7 year old.

  18. this one just like others was the easiest thing ever im in the same spot i was when i started on this site it has never changed how far away i had to go….. i notice them right away

  19. You people should really cut this webmaster some slack. Look, that webmaster had a break from this site and when he/she came back to it, his/her mind was obviously somewhere else. So you can’t expect a great illusion right away. Sure it’s a dolphin with a blurred car in the background you can see well without squinting. But at least when you squint the car jumps in the foreground and the dolphin goes in the background. That has to have at least some degree of coolness. Come on people! Anyways, shame on you for being such a-holes about this!

  20. they just layered it. the lines of the dolphin you see when you’re up close are harder to see from farther away, and the blurred color is clearer from farther away, though you can still see it up close. so NO, the dolphin isn’t an illusion, and the car isn’t either. i’m sorry but this sucks so much it’s sad.

  21. What is wrong with you people? The car is intentionally blurred to provide the color for the dolphin, and I thought it was done quite well. When will you people stop judging others, and make your own?

  22. okay, if you can’t spot the car. squint your eyes until they are almost closed and look at the dolphin. if that doesn’t work, try to step back from the computer like 2 feet and focus on the dolphin.

  23. just a race car with a dolphin in front of it. Who in their right mind would actually think of doing these things? It would all be trial and error. very frustrating

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