Hummingbird Optical Illusion

Wednesday is here, and it’s time to breathe a little easier because it means the halfway point of the week has arrived. For some of the young, the week is not moving fast enough, but for others its moving along at its usual speed. So, how many of you have a hummingbird feeder right now outside your window hanging from your front porch? Well, if you do have a feeder, you all probably get to see a lot of really cute little hummingbirds floating around getting a drink from the feeder, or perhaps, drinking nectar from your flowers. Take a look at today’s optical illusion, which is all about a beautiful little hummingbird, but is it really a bird? Sorry, we may have given too much away, but it’s awesome!

Human Hummingbird Optical Illusion

Ready to see a classic optical illusions that is one of our favorites? Well check out the faces in the trees, and see how many you all can find. The last time we looked at this illusion, we counted 12 faces, but we may be wrong. Please count these faces and let us know how many you all find! Well today is Wednesday, and we know there are still a couple of days to go in the week, but you all will make it we promise!

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