Hubble’s Baby Face Galaxy Illusion

First time I saw this, there was nothing extraordinary with the picture below, at least that is what I thought. This kind of illusions aren’t posted, unless the illusionary object within them isn’t very realistic. Patti Can asked me if I can spot the face in this picture? She said: “I found this picture on the Live Science website under Hubble telescope pictures. I believe that it is an original picture that hasn’t been tampered with in any way. I spotted the face almost immediately. Hope you can use it.” When you spot the face in the pic below, you’ll be amazed, that I promise you! This made me think, now when Google Earth supports Google sky, maybe whole new category of illusions will come up… Interesting?! You decide. Oh, does this image reminds you of that floating baby in space, seen in Space Odyssey 2000 movie?

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  1. omg!!!!
    i didnt see the face at first, but then i focused on one spot instead of the floaty orange stuff, and i found it!!!

    this is soooooo cool!!!

  2. This is really cool, Vurdlak! I saw it immediately on my iGoogle page… Keep it up! You can ignore all the negative remarks you’ve gotten in the past–there are a lot of us who will always support you!

  3. I don’t see it. I only see the ugly profile on the right side, but it isn’t that, right? Please help to spot the face!

  4. It’s AMAZING!It looks like a real baby! It took time to spot the face at first but now I can see a very calm baby in it.

  5. It’s not photoshopped as such, but it does have false colouring, no way you’d see that with an ordinary telescope, no matter how powerful, the clouds are gas and very much invisible.

  6. i can see the face… and something at the top which i believe looks like a deformed rat.

    don’t worry. probably just me :)

  7. This is a due to an illusionary phenomenon called a simulacrum. Our brain constantly scans for recognizable patterns to make sense of our world. Our visual processing centers have a lot of resources dedicated to finding and evaluating human faces for emotional cues that can be essential to survival. A consequence of this is a tendency to find faces where there may not actually be any, like the famous “Man on the Moon.” Here is an interesting link which goes into more detail about the simulacrum phenomenon:

  8. Its funny, every time I read the comments I always, ALWAYS see a photoshop comment. do me a favor and get photoshop and wip up an illusion, and tell me how hard it was to do it and make it look good. Trust me I’m a photoshop guy.

    Anyhow, I like the symbolism in it. a baby shaped nebula where stars are born. Hmm, makes you think, just maybe….

  9. what an ugly baby….for those who can’t see him, his nostril is horizontally right of that big cluster of bright starts near the senter of the photo. The black or greyish line is his nostril. Then just a tiny bit above and to the right you should see a curve (like a “C” or “<" of the orange nebula. That is the curve of his nose, as it juts out. He is facing to the right btw. Then left and a tiny bit up from the "<", the dark spot is his eye socket, or eye. He's fairly ugly, and obviously photoshopped.

  10. The first time I saw this — I saw a Dragon …

    I suppose it is like the Psychiatrist Ink blots!

    I do see the Baby’s face after looking for it.

  11. Took me a while to see the baby’s face. At first I thought it was Elvis! Definitely looks like his hair surrounding a vague face looking towards the left…

  12. cant believe how gullible some people can be. theres no baby face there. that thing u people see as a baby looks more like something from ghost busters.

  13. A) N-E-B-U-L-A, look, it is completely different from G-A-L-A-X-Y

    B) God? WTF? No Such Thing here, simple imagination, like when you look into the clouds and see a bunny

    C) Not an optical Illusion, as I just pointed out, simple imagination.

    D) Not Hubble, Beagle


  14. Some of you people are unreal. Don’t always look for what it “might” be, just let your imagination rum. Is it real? is it done on a computer??? who knows, who cares. The picture is for your enjoyment and imagination, it is not meant to satisfy world peace or hunger. Some people need to lighten up and not take the world so seriously.

  15. it really is pretty cool, the way the baby face jumps out at yu when ou look at the orange stuff around it… it doesnt matter where you look, just concentrate in one spot and stay there. its reallllyyyy cooooooooollll!!!!!!!!!!

    i love this site

  16. I cant see anything. It seems like it is one of those things that you make yourself belive you can see. Just because someone said its there you will think your seeing it and not acctually seeing what you think your seeing

  17. Is it just me or is there another face made by the orange stuff like a woman with a fringe at the bottom and shes facing upwards? Or just the baby?

  18. cool… btw for everyone who doesn’t know, its a nebula and not a galaxy, its not photoshopped, and it is in false colour as some people said. no matter what telscope u use, you would never see that, most images of nebula are taken in false colour/infared because the clouds of gas and dust that make up the nebula are so dense no light passes through or can make it out.

  19. Hubble photos are on TV now and I’m struck by how many photos have images of people! People in every sort of posture and mood!
    This baby is good but nothing compared to other more astounding images.
    Take a look at the Hubble Site and find others…It will cause you to wonder…

  20. woooot! i found the baby face after like 5 minutes of searching, if your having trouble try this: step back from the picture a couple of feet, then focus on the picture, tilt your head in different directions and keep it put there for a amount of time, if you dont see it, keep switching.

    hint:the face is facing the right.

  21. I see a much sinister face it looks like a shark
    Hint: It is the whole ‘dust’ cloud put together with an orange eye, facing right.

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