How to do 3D Anamorphic Artwork Yourself

Greg Lehman, aka The “Grease” has to be one of the first fans Mighty Optical Illusions has picked over the years. He has been sending us incredible optical illusions all the way back in 2006. You can check the underlined words in this text to see all his previous submissions.

This time he did something really awesome. By now, you’ve probably seen all the 3D Anamorphic pictures that Julian Beever has drawn on the sidewalks, if not check the first category in our sidebar. Well, this is Greg’s version of doing it, simply by printing anamorphic images on paper, of from his computer. Off course, he did a chalk drawings of them first. Can you tell which of these objects are the REAL thing?

Grease, if you’re reading this I still have some of your previous unpublished illusions in my draft, but never managed to publish them. Hopefully one day I will :) Oh and btw, Greg “The Grease” is the owner of top tattoo studio. If he is so good in optical illusions and art in general, I’m sure his tattoos are among the best ones out there! Would be interesting to see more of his tattooed optical illusions, what you think?

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  1. very impressive…i love the first one the best…the glasses look unnatural, but the wiry parts that rest on one’s ears look totally 3d, which is awesome.

    And yea, julian beever’s are insane on the chalk, especially bc they are so temporary….this is cool bc there is more permanence…woah, my mind is totally being blown, crazy, wow!

    1. your not the first comment :D whats up with althis first comment stuff? :D

  2. These are not such great illusions. The shadows of the Bic lighters should at least be the same length adjusted for being offset for their location on the paper, and the shadows of the Bic lighter and the Swiss style knife should at least be going in the same direction. It is obvious that the photos of the objects were not taken at the same time unless they were edited to appear so.

  3. that’s awesome! I lvoe how it’s sooo 3-d ish very nice work. I had a little trouble at first, telling the idfference between the two first ones but theen I saw the fake one’s red button thing was missing a shadow or sidebar thing. Nice work. It tricked me until that red part.

  4. Ok now if your going to come to this site and whinge about how it’s not perfect bugger off and do your own illusion thats better. Otherwise save your “err its shadows are slightly off you have ruined my day” crap for your emo cut yourself chat sites.

  5. theese were pretty cool except on the first one i could tell the left was real because the one on the right’s color was to light

  6. is this al printed or drawn??… cuz it loks like it would be easy to photohop sometthing and then print it out..

  7. Wow imagine if it was printed in a high quality/different paper, then it would look REALLY real i liked it nice :)

  8. yeah i agree these are very clever

    Lol @ the guy whinging about the shadows.

    He must suck a lot of Dee Eye See Kay

  9. Ummm… at the risk of being technical here, I’m not seeing a ‘how to’ anywhere. Your title is misleading.

  10. I am blown away! I have always called myself a “wana B” artist but when I see something like this I know I’ll never B one. Great talent! Love everything you post!

  11. Wow, those are awesome. I tried making a couple of simple ones and, even though I can’t draw well, the concept still looked cool.

  12. WTF? How is this amazing?

    Take a photo of the object you want sitting on a piece of paper.

    Stretch the image a little in photoshop or gimp to compensate for the angle of the paper when it gets printed

    Print it on another piece of paper.

    Here’s another cool thing you can do. sit down and take a photo of your knees/feet. Set it as your laptop background. Put your laptop on your lap and take another photo, lined up so it looks like you’re looking through the screen. that is cool. Example here;

  13. hye guys,….I can just don’t understand how to make these 3d arts….please help me…I need to prepare a 3D model for INTER SCHOOL SCIENCE EXHIBITON

  14. I need to prepare it as soon as I can…please explain me clearly how to prepare 3D models….The topic of my project is “REDUCING THE NEED FOR WATER ALL OVER INDIA”…please sir….I plead u 2 understand my situation and help me pls….i need an exact idea tomorrow…so, it may be easy to prepare my project sooner….pls…pls…pls sir..

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