How Does Telvision Work?

Have you ever noticed, that when you come too close to your TV set and stare, how the image infact is made of thousands of tiny spots? It’s pixels to be precise, and in a same way your computer image is made. See the image below? Now step back from your monitor, and move your head further away until you see a face. If you stare at it long enough, you will see full, unaired episode of Futurama from last 5th season…. Nah, kiddin’ about this last part, but you’ll stil be able to see something. Comment your findings. Also check “Jesus Illusion no.2”.

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

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  1. Also try moving your head from left to right (like cradle) and then you can see the face from smaller distance (because your eyes cant focus the image). Also try narrowing your eyes for stronger effect.

  2. I see a face! It’s a guy with a mustache, and beard. And gray hair. I can’t quite make out who it is though….. WHO IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

  3. i can either see Matt Lucas (but not liely to be him) or santa claus. or just a random old person lol!

    gr8 opitica illusions tho! well done!

  4. papasmurf?
    don’t you look at me in that tone of voice!
    maybe he got a makeover!
    right,i’ll see myself out………..

  5. if you have a flat screen try tilting it back as far as it will go, take about 7 steps back lie on the floor and look up at the screen

  6. I wonder if it’s supposed to be Jesus…seeing as though the other illusion it’s linked to its called “Jesus illusion no.2”

    Who is Jesus, anyway?

  7. An old black man, with a grey; but near white goatie, smiling, eyes gently closedears look like they’re barely poking out, bald in the front top of his head, and his hair is a mix of mostly black, a little grey and hardly any white.

  8. it’s bill clinton with long grey hair and grey mustache :D funny this is magic too this is bill clinton when he’s 60yrs old :D

  9. If ur on a laptop, tilt it away from you , like almost flat, and you can see the picture hell clearer, (TRY DOING IT WITH YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN 2)

  10. Thats so weird! at first i thought it was Marilyn Monroe!! then i noticed it was some guy that looks a bit like Ron Wealsy from The H.P films.

  11. ok four things i see: wan kenobi
    2.a girl
    3.jon from garfiend

  12. wow, I wish I could the full unaired episode of Futurama, no just kidding, but the onlt thing I saw was a old man with a beard smiling! But after looking at the other comments, I started to see obi-wan Kenobi, maybe Jon from Garfield but definitly not a girl! lol thanks for all the illusions!!!

    1. That’s what I thought, too! Which is odd, since I don’t *really* know what he looks like. I haven’t seen that show since kindergarten…


  13. I definitely saw a clown. If you put your face right up to the screen so that the image becomes blurred together, and then move back, you might see a clown. It was slightly tilted left.

  14. It looks like how Drew Peterson envisions himself upon being released from jail for lack of evidence in killing his 3rd and 4th wives.

  15. It’s either Kenny Rogers (but younger) or Rob Reiner (but thinner.)

    I managed to manipulate a copy of this so the face is “fairly” clearly visible and was going to put it on Facebook so whoever wanted could go see it, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to share photos with Facebook. Thing is, I HATE FACEBOOK so you’ll just have to keep working on the image yourselves. Sorry.

    BTW Richard Dreyfuss was a reasonable suggestion, too. As was Santa Claus, if the beard were longer. (Shiny cheeks and a rather thick, shiny lower lip.)

    Or, maybe it isn’t any particular celebrity, just some happy older guy with receding hair and a short white beard and moustache? Will we ever know for sure?

  16. Pretty cool illusion. I’d like to make one with my own image. Wait a sec! ~squints tighter~ That’s me in there. Helloooo… Now you know Jak :)

  17. Richard Dryfuss, I dont know how to spell his name. The guy from Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and a few other movies. Am I right??

  18. I keep seeing big pearly whites on a bearded man wearing glasses with wavey light hair.Just cant put my finger on who it is..does anyone know the REAL answer?

  19. Im looking at this on an android Moto A855 screen. I fail to see glasses, appears like deep eye sockets. Face, Hair and facial hair as well as the expression remind me of the Psychiatrist in ‘What About Bob?’

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