House Beside the Lake, erm… Wall

Now here’s a good one; apparently the photo you are seeing came from a set of pictures provided by the owner of a house to some people who were looking to rent it for the weekend. They saw this picture and thought it was a lake, so were all excited and looking forward to boating and jet skiing and stuff. When they asked the owner about it, the lady emailed them back and said: “unfortunately that is not a lake, it is a wall“. Hehe, good one Katriana! Thanks for sharing…

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  1. This one goes in the top 10 for this year.. I love that it’s not made to be an illusion, it just happens to be one..

  2. Looks like it could have been taken in El Paso, TX. The southernmost Rockies come right into downtown El Paso, and lots of yards use white adobe walls as fences. Anyone know where this was taken?

  3. whoa, that is one giant cat! is what i thought at first

    i easily it as a lake or i see it as a possible wall with some effort

  4. I don’t get it… It is clearly a lake with mountains behind it. Do you mean its a picture of a lake? If so, whats the difference, we are viewing it as a picture on our computer. What indication is there that its a wall? Do you post anything people submit to you for this website. If I sent you a hamburger and told you it was a dinosaur dressed as a hamburger would that be considered an illusion?

  5. LOL That is just so amazing. I too thought it was a lake, until I scrolled down to the next picture and saw the cat on top of it.

  6. Just wondering, How often does the “Top 10 Highest Rated Illusions” update. I’m pretty sure this one deserves to be up there.

  7. Well, to tell you the truth, i don’t believe it…
    The “wall” has too many curves. Here the boat is theres a big curve implying that the is more distant… but there is no ground to make that distance. Form this perspective it seams that the “wall” has bumps!!!

  8. This has got to be one of the best ones I’ve seen. The fact it wasn’t a deliberate illusion made to confuse the viewer makes it even better.

  9. FUNNY AND REALLY COOL!!! as soon as i saw it on my gadget on igoogle. i was like, “pretty lake”. but then i realised the caption below and it said “…erm wall.” i tried to picture it as a wall but just couldn’t bring my mind to do it.
    massive fan of this website byee!

  10. this is one of the best illusions I have seen so far!

    Thanx a lot for sharing, bro

    and for this amazing site of course too!!!

  11. Haha, good one! I admit I didn’t see it at first glance (just a giant kitten on the beach for a clue?) and was ready to click away, but then it hit me.

  12. LOL I couldnt tell at all for the first 4 times I came to ths page lol. I was like ‘Why did they edit the cat in on top of a lake? Thn I was like ‘Is the wall of the house painted to look like a nature scene?’ lol I just got it.


  14. hahaha, it got me, although the title say’s wall I just couldn’t believe it at first that it’s just a wall but when I finally realized it that it is, I just was laughing real hard. LOL, hahaha. One of your best!

  15. ha ha?! nice one! they’ve been fooled by the wall?! maybe it’s April’s fools day when they got the picture?!

  16. errrr, Photoshop much? nice pixilated water, shadows on the plant show the sun is camera side due to the angle, so therefore as the top of the ‘wall’ is white so would the wall as the shadow/shade would be the other side of it like the plants.

  17. follow the edge of “lake” from both sides till they come to the middle hard to see but there ia a corner and if you look at ground you can see bump of grount agains the wall

  18. wow love your website its awesome. It took me a while to notice but yea i see the wall. Where the cat is, right below it is a corner. Its hard to see but its there.

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