Hot Heels Optical Illusion no.2

Haha, this one really got me fooled. Have you seen this poster around lately? In the beginning it appears you are looking at really fine part of a woman’s body, but in reality it’s something quite different. Perhaps I ruined the fun, placing the spoiler directly inside the title, but hey – we have to point out we’re safe for everyone visiting our web site. I think this ad is trying to sell some sort of lotion you put on your feet, dunno. Still, we had very similar optical illusion posted before. That one was even better if you ask me!

Sexy Heels Optical Illusion

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  1. You can tell straight away it’s feet and not a more favourable part of the body unless of course your mind is automatically that way inclined to assume it’s something saucy from a number of things in this picture. I’m not very observant but some things I just spot straight away. Or maybe I’M just that way inclined mentally and just realised straight away that it wasn’t one of the more pleasant areas of the body to look at lol *shrug*

  2. I thought the other heels ad was better. Not only was it more misleading, but the straps from the shoes also gave the impression that the naughty bits you were looking at were scantily clad, which is just sexier to me. However, with that said, if it wasn’t immediately clear that this illusion had you looking at a pair of feet rather than the backside it was pretending to be, you need to get out more.

  3. A waistline would be much more slender, if it was as skinny as the back of the heel suggests. Thus, on the left you should be able to see the belly.
    I think the illustion would be better, if a bit more was cropped on the left.
    And personally I find the first heels-illusion sexier and much more missleading.

  4. i know it was heels cause of the texture line and fades in shadows but what really gave it away was the position of the 2 heels as a whole

  5. I recognized what it was before reading. I suppose it might be more misleading if the title was more suggestive. As is, it might appeal to someone with an unusual attraction to feet. Then again it might fool observers if the picture was was what it suggests and the caption worded to suggest it was feet. However, that would be inappropriate.

  6. i thought this site was for people who just like interesting optical illusions in general , not perverts. keep these “sex sells” ads to a minimum if you can, please.

  7. this is that kind of thing where i would say ‘lovely’ to with that really sarcastic tone. so here it goes; lovely. i was fooled at 1st though.LOL XD

  8. Um, were we hoping for boobs or butt? Because as a woman in possession of both (“all three?”), I have to say that this looks nothing like any of those interesting bits. Not on a traditional-style body, anyway.

  9. Only for a split second I thought it was the back and legs of someone … only for a split second, then realized they were a couple of heels of someone’s feet.

  10. im a porn addict and this is not a butt area. i know the difference between feet txtures & the butt area. but when i saw it first. i was totally getting horny. Beacause it has a low res thumbnail. so i thought i may zoom it.

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