Homer, Mario and Jessica Rabbit in Real Life


Pixeloo is an artist who created these magnificent real-life photos of Homer Simpson, Super Mario and Jessica Rabbit. For his profession, he works daily with Photoshop. Cartoon characters are his favorite inspiration, so he decided to transform them a little, giving them realistic real-life form. In his mutant creations, Pixeloo used face parts of some well known actors, and implemented them magnificently. For example Homer’s bald head is mostly constructed out of John Locke’s (“Lost”) famous “helmet”. Jessica Rabbit is another well known character that starred in Roger Rabbit, and her face was mostly fused with a photo of Angelina Jolie. See which other celebrity parts you can recognize!

  • uvalntine


  • Anonymous

    Jessica Rabbit! Wa Wa Wee Wa. She is still no1 pretty woman in kazakstan

  • Kaillou

    Ah ! Yeeeeah !! She’s so pretty


  • Zachary

    this is awsome. in particular mario is very good cause of his hair.

  • Homiejoe1212

    Mario Looks Really Gay!

  • Anonymous

    I love them! Shame Jessica rabbit still looks a bit cartoonish, still love her though ;) otherwise superb!!

  • Anonymous

    Homer’s top lip is HUGE! Jessica rabbit is still normal looking.

  • Anonymous

    Wow~ Homer and Mario scare me…

    But hey~ Jessica came out GREAT!!


  • Anonymous

    is the jaw of homer Bruce Willis. Something about Homer reminds me of him. Very interesting too.

  • Anonymous

    This is downright creepy.. When animated they look fine, but in real life like horribly malformed mutants who fell into a nuclear reactor

  • Anonymous
  • Illusion Lover

    I am a Nintendo fan, so I aggree with Zachary. Also I LOVE “The Simsons”. And Jessica Rabbit, AWSOME!

  • mr. wildflowers

    wow. that’s absolutely insane. he did that in photoshop? it would be a little less incredible he did it in a 3d modeling program, but in “simple” little photoshop… that man is my new hero :]

  • Brittany

    Homer looks like Bruce Willis

  • Alex

    the homer one’s just gross

  • Patrick J

    that scares me just a little

  • Nemrac

    jessica rabbit is hot and mario looks old

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Very nice!

  • nbucking

    I know Homer is supposed to be dumb, but this make him look like a mutant. Mario looks excellent though. Rabbit still looks fake.

  • Daniel

    Yeah Mario is definitely the best. then Jessica Rabbit then Homer. These are pretty cool.

  • the örjan

    Veery good!
    I’d love to see more of these.
    I wonder how Donald Duck would look like?

  • Jack

    Brilliant eye for detail – just having come up with the idea merits kudos.


  • unnikuttan

    cool pic

  • ECMicrobrew

    Jessica R. has an uncanny resemblance to Angelina Jolie

  • Tharene

    Homer looks like a nightmare character.

  • Lalo

    Mario looks very cool. Homer is UGLY!!! lol

  • becka10x

    This is SICK! I can’t believe how real this looks! Pixeloo did a GREAT job!

  • Vanessa

    I like them all, but I like how Homes and Mario look the most real, even if their eyes are obviously photoshopped. Jessica Rabbit just looks like a well done painting or picture, not like a real person.

  • skeeter_flores

    They are all very good, but the Jessica Rabbit looks more cartoony than the other two because of the lighting that is projected in the picture.

  • Janek37

    Pixeloo says in his blog that the next untooned character will be Stewie Griffin… Hard to imagine!

  • Anonymous

    Homer is scary!

  • Screaming Doubles

    without the last one, this post would have been mediocre at best. She definitely slaps it home even if her face doesn’t fit… ; )

    homer is disgusting. doesn’t fit at all. omg. what a menace. mario makes more sense, but if he were younger it would flow better i think.

    crazy post

  • Casey

    Is it just me or does Homer look gross as a real person? Great work though.

  • El Fafa

    Funny ;)
    But really weird… (particularly Homer)

  • jenny

    WoW!! thats amazzing….8O

  • carlos Diaz

    omg, that is cool and freaky at the same time. i’ll have nightmares.

  • georgybee


  • Chris

    HAHAHA!! Homer looks like plastic surgery gone wrong! Mario is the best in my opinion.


  • David Oblas

    I’m thinking Mario’s scruff was taken from George Clooney

  • ice_pack_360

    nice ! i think it’s pamela boobies lololol

  • Male Enhancement

    These images look like they made with 3D Studio MAX or Poser. Very well done.

  • Anonymous

    i like homer the best.

  • Stryker

    Dhoop!!! Homer is the creepiest but my favorite. Jessica still looks like a cartoon. Mario’s eyes scare me. I love it and would like to see some others. How about Betty Boop for a challenge.

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy ur fictional realities in the Matrix, u fools. Death is True NowHere.ynccywpl

  • Anonymous

    Mario looks like Harvey Keitel.

  • cKHAVIKk

    this is possibly the most vile thing ever concocted on this planet, or any other, for that matter.

  • Anonymous

    Homer has to be Bruce Willis.

  • richard

    Photoshopped, u can tell by some of the pixels

  • scaredy

    that Homer one is frickin terrifying

  • Namagem

    Well, duh. It says so right in the article.

    Why is there always some dumbass who says that, no matter what is said in the article?

  • Anonymous

    Richard? You mean Homer Sipson, Mario, and Jessica Rabbit AREN”T real people?
    I sincerely hope that was a joke?

  • Andréia


  • Anonymous

    I think the Homer one is particularly creepy.

  • Billy

    Jessica Rabbit still looks more like a painting, a good image but not very photo-realistic. The others are good, although you can see some Photoshop artifacts around the corner of the mouth on Homer.

  • shredder77

    I see John Mccain in Homer!

  • Layla

    homer looks very disturbing. just to say

  • Anonymous

    homer scary.
    mario hairy.
    jessica unreal.

  • The Freelance Cartoonist

    Homer Simpson is God.

  • Anonymous

    Homer looks weird :)

    But Mario looks real because his hair

  • Anonymous

    Homer is going to give me nightmares lol

  • bob

    mario is da best

  • alan

    She’s like Angelina Jolie?

  • Fefa

    Homer’s eyes reminds me of the Mona Lisa….. they follow me where ever I go O.o” but why is he cock-eyed???
    Mario’s ear is so weird, other than that, it’s pretty good.
    Jessica Rabbit reminds me of a semi-caricatured version of Angelina Jolie

  • Homer is scary
    mario(or wotever) is strange
    jessicka is nice. looking. as a realperson. i mean she looks the same.

    And by the way, i am a straigt girl!

  • I_luv_hoses

    homer looks like a potato:)

  • Matthieu

    If Jessica looks like Angelina Jolie, it is because the author used a picture of Angelina to get the texture of Jessica, as you can see here:

  • Destoyer

    LOL Love Mario

  • mario forever love mario :)

  • Anonymous

    I think mario’s the best

  • MnM s

    homer scary mario ok jessica ??

  • Camila

    Homer looks like Bruce Willis, and Mario looks like Tom Hanks

  • Emily

    I think that Jessica looks a bit like Lilly Cole……she just needs to go Ginger!

  • I would say Mario looks like Robin Williams!

  • john

    she looks like christina ricci

  • unknown

    jessica rabbit still looks like a cartoon
    but she’d be a goddess if that’s a real person
    holmer’s just impossible
    Mario looks real, but he’s so old?

  • Jessica is freaking hot!

  • Guardmann Escrow

    Homer is just spooooooky!

    Guardmann Escrow

  • gack

    Traci Lords

  • Serromi

    like. wow. i think they are so mad.. the homer one is creepy beyond anything. but its so well done i am so amazed. Jessica Rabbit hardly looks changed but Mario is fair radd (:

  • Jez

    Homer looks weird…and freaky

  • guest

    I think the mario picture is particularly awesome.

  • guest 02

    Wow, Homer looks like Bruce Willis,

    Jesssica looks like Angelina Jolie,

  • I love mario :)

  • alex

    Do Megan Fox cuz she aint real… am I wrong?! o.0

  • Donna

    The Mario one looks like Tommy Teirnan (Irish comedian)….. not sure why!

  • tabbi

    the reason that jessica loks like angelina jolie is because they used angelinas eyes and lips when untooning this pic

  • Steve

    Yeah Homer does look scary, but is that not what Homer looks like? I think it’s the mouth area and the 5 o’clock shadow. Too much detail! ;)

  • lily

    Mario definitely looks like Robin Williams!

  • Lida

    What This about me

  • Where did you just get my picture?

  • alex

    wow homer looks like my grandfather…lol

  • melek


  • Dyerdon

    Is it me or is there a bit of Robert DeNiro in Mario?

  • Lol that’s crazy and I agree Homer is a bit over the edge

  • querty

    i’d bang jessica rabbit

  • Katharine

    If I woke up in the middle of the night with Homer staring at me like that, I’d scream.

  • Lazlow

    We all know the only reason we clicked on this was the promise of a real Jessica rabbit

  • If I woke up in the middle of the night with Homer staring at me like that, I’d scream.

  • ya mam

    homer’s lookin a little too much like bruce willis here. jessica’s lookin super deeece tho!

  • Audi

    Homer- Bruce Willis

    Mario- Robin williams

    Jessica Rabbit- Mrs. Pitt herself. (jolie)

  • anna

    jessica doesn’t look real..the others do because of the skin..come on angelina’s skin isn;t that flawless..he should add some expression marks! butother than that they are great! homer is scary..



    • Chelsea

      first, calm the fudge down. Second, use real words. Haha.

    • Poodle Poot


  • Zohra

    Annastasia…please, use English, or at the very least actual words. ><

    • Janet

      Thank you! I just made the same statement on another blog, yesterday and had people jumping down my throat about it and I wasn’t the lest bit rude in my statement. What is up with people thinking it is acceptable to speak that way, let alone, making a conscious effort to write that way?!?!?!

  • asdf

    “People say I look like Dan Akroyd”
    -Homer Simpson

  • Annastasia uses good english

    JESSICA looks the most normal :P OMG i want her!!!!!

  • Jodes

    Haha Homer just looks like Bruce Willis!

  • CrazyBitchGunnaGirlYoGF

    Awww homers not that ugly

  • homer is ugly :s

  • desmond1639

    is it me or does Homer looks high with those beady little eyes.

    • jorg

      Not really, you get bigger eyes when high.

      Instead, looks like he is on speed.

  • Matthew

    Homers eyes look like billiard balls

  • taylor

    wow, that picture of homer is scary. I think i will have nightmares of him looking at me then opening his mouth to reveal razor sharp teeth then swallowing my head hole.

    • Chloe!

      I totally agree that the Homer picture looks a bit scary:L!<33

  • eric

    mario looks like george klooney toons!

  • Gabriel

    I would bone jessica rabbit in every hole she has

  • smokealarmsnick

    All of those are creeping me out. Especially Homer…

  • jen

    A tad creepy.

  • I love it…great work
    Let me know if I can assist you in any ways

    Sincerely yours
    Shaun Alexander
    fashion photographer, La, San Diego, Orange County

    • craig

      have u not got a boy friend like me go on

  • Quirnechia Williams

    Homer looks so horrible, Mario just looks straight up weird and Jessicarabit looks beautiful. That’s so cool to bring characters to life like that though LOL.

  • fer

    mario looks like gerard depardieu

  • thatoneguy

    funny the most real looking one is also the least real looking one.

    Jessica Rabbit.

  • sara

    If anyone was to ever play Jessica Rabbit in real life…Angelina Jolie should play her…

    • Quirnechia Williams


  • I Think Homer Looks a Mess , Lmbo

  • André

    haha, Mario looks just like Robin Williams with a weird mustache!

  • julia

    I’m brasilian peolpe, I think very create and funny, the pic of Mario is really great. This would great a lot on carnival here! hehehehe

  • Jake

    There are only two things I can now say: OMG and LOL!

  • Doujinking20

    Tim Curry is who I think is stretched into homer and robin williams as mario. Then as has been said many times already Angelina Jolie for Jesicca Rabbit.

  • emily

    looks like bruce willis lol

  • Drew

    Mario looks like Anthony Hopkins

  • Vanessa

    This is purdy awesome! I love all 3 characters!! : )

  • tiggyt

    WTF? No way should Angelina Jolie play Jessica Rabbit – one of Jessica Rabbit’s most defining features is her big curvy rump/ hips! Dust off your old copies of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and say Jolie again with a straight face. No way she could pull off that libidinous wiggle.

    Freaky, freaky pics.

  • nuvasoo

    I get the feel of Bruce Willis from Homer

  • Grace

    Jessica is weird.

  • terry

    The texture of the skin seems to be the key here. Jessica still looks cartoony while the others feel real.

  • Photoshop


    I love how Adobe Photoshop Createive Suite 5 can allow you to quickly manipulate skin. It’s so easy a kid could do it!



    the real Jessica Rabbit its the pornstar Gianna Michael HELL YEAH


  • DooDooHead

    Heybah fattaalbert, yu bee likes skool ona sunday. no clazz!

  • jennifer

    jessica looks pretty good.

  • i love jessica rabbit

  • i love jessica rabbit pics its lovely

  • Frances

    O.O .. Why does Mario remind me of Dr. House ??? -_-“

  • xpmon

    Homer and Mario are the only ones that at lwast look realistic even if a tad scary. jessica rabbit still looks kinda atoony to me

  • Homer it looks a weird mutant and scares me a little…
    Mario is simply awesome and Jessica Rabit looks like Angelina Jolie LOL


    • craig

      i need a girlfriend now

  • Anon

    I don’t like the Jessica picture. Her eyes are weird. Her skin is too flawless. Her lips are out of proportions too.



    • Asuigeneris 1

      Technically the dude took Jolie’s features and sized them back and forth straight to an actual pic of Jessica Rabbit, he matched it up perfectly…I watched the vid it was some amazing photoshop.

      …but the “live” pic is identical to the original cartoon pic. : P

    • jessica


  • craig

    or kiss the so much

  • craig

    if u are looking for a sexy boy it is craig i am looking for a white girl with small body and sexy body

  • craig

    i love girls

  • USA

    Homer looks wery american LOL

  • 666metalupyourass

    I’m getting sick of this kind of pictures. People must understand there’s a difference between “Cartoon Character in Real Life” and ” Cartoon Character with Realistic Textures”. Giving a cartoon character real skin without changing the cartoonish proportions doesn’t make it “Realistic”.

  • Karissa

    Haha, Homer Simpson looks like a inbred

    • jessica

      sooooo freakin weird and your sooo damn rite! its really freaky homors ears r weird and this 4HIT IS JUST CREEPY !

  • adom samuel

    men dat my dream i would like to be of help.

  • JON


  • Ygritte

    You know nothing, Jon.

    • Jon Snow


  • So sexy!

  • Budi

    good editing…

  • vihor72


  • heheheh………. the girl is sexy like me :D

    • tahirhifsi

      So sweet

    • arsalan

      hye h r u

    • Sheena

      my asss :P

  • nezar

    i like sexe

    • Mike

      that’s because you ain’t gettin any.

  • kif

    hello sexy!!!

  • They look like wax figures

  • Amazing, wonderful, incomparable … Congratulations talent! This guy has a special gift … Sensational!

  • eee efff geee


  • these are gay. cant believe that alegnasile says they are good. unappropriate pictures. SCARY HOMER LOL

  • liam

    she is sexy and i like sexy my dick is up.

  • Harireddy


  • mohammed


  • necroorganism

    i wanted to see a larger image of the jessica rabbit pic that had the link attached, i believe thats aria giovanni dressed as jessica rabbit….. which is like a million times hotter

  • necroorganism

    ok, yeah, snagged the thumb and used enhancement software, its aria….. she is amazing

  • 来自中国


  • cool froggy

    i like the mario! =D

  • Jojo Bagginz

    For some reason for Homer I think of Bruce Willis…… :/

  • Grace

    Homer is freaky!!! Jess is cute!! Mario is cool!!


    Homer, stop staring into my soul!

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