Hidden Persons Optical Illusion

It is really amazing how such amazing works of art get unnoticed, and somehow manage to bypass my approval queue. Just when you get to think there are no more major league illusions left to feature, another wave of magnificent works gets re-submitted by our loyal fans – I thank you for that! Btw, many of you asked how illusion submission works in the first place? I thought the footer (email) link “Submit Illusion” was obvious enough, but your input suggests I should bring more attention to it… Let me see if I can come with some sort of submission form in the following days…

Regarding the painting, it’s another creation by famous Octavio Ocampo. Observe it closely. How long does it take before you notice additional persons present? Don’t stop before you found all four of them! Perhaps there more, let’s see how many of them have you identified?

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    1. I see it noe. OMG
      It took ages it all had to be pointed out ithink i might be half blind but i can see it now. I thought they were bigger
      I guess things can surprise people

    1. Is the mountain behind them a person lying down, fairly lumpy looking body but it could be right?

    2. The 4th one is actually the blue back ground, if you notice looking from right to left you’ll see a person laying on their belly

  1. interestingly, i didnt notice the non-hidden person coz i was focusing on the trees. i dont know if the white figure at the bottom counts as one of the four, but the other three didnt take long

  2. I see 5… Lady dead center two men on either side, the obvious one laying down and the mountains appear to be another person laying down (The butt of the lady in the center almost looks like the stomach of a pregnant woman)

  3. Lol idk if you noticed, but that is SO not “work appropiate” or whatever they saying is. They guy on the right needs to be censored lol. I personally don’t really care, but just thought I’d make sure you were aware :) Otherwise, still a cool illusion.

  4. i think there is three in the tree, two on the side and 1 in the middle of tree. look at the absence area. then the one in the center of cource.
    hope i helped! :)

  5. 1 male left vertical, 1 female back turned vertical center, 1 male right vertical, 1 female horizontal laying on the grass. is that all?

  6. i see the four people!!!
    one in the trees in centere, dead lady, men on the right and left of the tree lady’s head O.O

  7. the only non obvious person I can see is the giant face created by the two trees, people should leave more descriptive comments to help me

    1. The 4th one is actually the blue back ground, if you notice looking from right to left you’ll see a person laying on their belly

  8. The fourth one is the easiest!

    Here are the answers:

    One lady in the middle, a bearded man on the left, an angry bearded man on the right, and then the most obvious one, the white guy lying on his back under the lady with his head in a basket.

    I know, maybe it’s too easy to be true.

  9. there are four the lady an the ground the two on the sides and if you look in the middle there is a lady in the center leg to the left face to the right and you can see the round of her butt

  10. i found all 4 & im 15!!!the blanket thingy on the basket is a girl.in the middle of the trees of course and then the 2 guys on the side!!!
    …this just made my evening…

  11. Wow that is amazing… I thought it was a joke until I kept looking…I found all four people. LOL and a few other funny body parts

  12. The 4th is lying down, made up of the blue. The rt thigh is eon the rt, the belly between the trees. The face is obscured or past the frame, however.

  13. OMG this is so easy i saw all 4 of them immediately. there’s the one in the center on the ground, 2 men on each side of the trees.

    the other one that people seem to be missing is what looks to me like a woman in the middle of the men, between the two trees. her back is facing towards you.

    i think what makes this so easy is the fact that the trees are so twisted into the shapes of the bodies that you just miss them and see the people instead.

  14. I see 5,2 guys in trees left & right,1 ladie in tree in the middle of the guys and 1 laying down..
    Hang on thats only four

  15. Hurray ! found four !!!
    1. Man in the left tree
    2. Man in the right tree
    3. Girl in the center
    4. Girl in between the two tree trunks! Looks like the old man in the right tree is kissing her forehead… Beautiful!!!

  16. found the fourth one. if you look far away you see a lady facing away from you. the bottom of the tree is her bottom. and her face is next to the top right man’s face.

  17. I see 2 men on either side and a lady in the centre. Where is the 4th person ? I am assuming we need to find 4 excluding the guy sleeping :)

  18. I can see 5.

    Woman lying on grass.
    Woman between the trees.
    Two people on either side of the trees.
    The mountains in the background in the shape of a woman lying on her side.

  19. I think it is…
    1st: in the middle(white colour)
    2nd: Man in the tree (Right)
    3rd: Man in the tree (Left)
    4th: Woman between the 2 men.

  20. and if you zoom in really close, theres a face on thills in the middle with a point nose, and one on the right, he has a bit of a flat scary looking face.

  21. Two men in the tree’s negative spaces. One woman between the trees negative spaces.

    The fourth one took me the longest to discover. It’s another woman, laying down in the grass- wearing a white dress.

    Sometimes the most obvious answer is the hardest to see.

  22. I can see the lady in the middle, 2 people either side and I THINK the hills in the background is another person laying down. Really pretty and clever at the same time – love these

    1. I really hate to be THAT person…but um…why is it that the man on the rt has his penis out? Am I trippin? somebody tell me…

    1. Has anyone noticed the random penis/microphone laying in the grass above the head of the woman on the ground in white?

      Oh, and for the people who see MORE than the 2 old fat dudes, and the chick in the tree and the weird space alien chick on the ground WHAT are you looking at!?

      This looks like a space age/supernatural orgy bout to pop off…LMAO! ok, ok, ok…im done…

  23. ITS NOT OBIVIOUSLY 4, I SEE 6!!! 2 explian, i see
    1: the person lying down
    2 & 3: The two mens faces near the top
    4: the woman in the middle with her back 2 us
    5 & 6: 2 bodies on either side of the woman in the middle.

    1. 5 & 6 are just the bodies of the old men.
      including ” a little extra” on the guy on the right.

  24. I think this is supposed to be the story of Susanna and the old men from the Book of Daniel Ch.13 (Catholic version). If you have never read it, it’s a fascinating account of the young Daniel outwitting the 2 dirty old men. Check it out… (www.usccb.org/nab/bible/daniel/daniel13.htm)

  25. I see all four of them. It also looks as though the two trees are arguing, with the way the trunks and lowest limbs as arms are positioned. Left tree” “I told you we needed to go this way! (pointing to the left)” Right tree: “What do you mean! I distinctly heard you say to go this way! (pointing to the right) Now we’re lost!”

  26. She is not just a women, she is a mother seeing here kid by turning right side and she is with men i can she here sad face.

  27. Very good I saw the faces of the 2 men right away but did not see there intire bodies and the woman in the middle untill I looked a couple at it a while. its an orgy.

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