Hidden Coffee Faces and Bugs

Long time viewers will immediately think of this optical illusion when they gaze their eyes on the photo below. Yes, it’s the same old principle, only last time you had to spot the hidden bean man. This time your goal is to find 3 lady bugs and 3 bean babies. Our latest submission is also part of the contest I mentioned earlier. It has been photoshopped, but this is irrelevant with these kind of puzzles. Btw, just found out this one was also created by Nasir Khan.

coffee faces and lady bugs optical illusion4
Can you spot the 3 lady bugs and 3 child faces in the photo above? Click to open in full-size.

[DDET Click To See The Solution!]
coffee faces and lady bugs optical illusion2
coffee faces and lady bugs optical illusion3[/DDET]

65 Replies to “Hidden Coffee Faces and Bugs”

  1. i get all of it easily… less than 1 minute i think :p
    the lady bugs are in the top left, in the middle 1/4 from top, far right 1/4 from top.

    the babies are in 1/3 from the left and 1/3 from the top, bottom left, 1/4 from bottom and 1/5 from the right :p

  2. Ladybirds are all easy – top half, look for the black spots.
    Babie’s faces … they’re smiling; one is near theright-hand corner, another the left, and the last near the ladybirds.

  3. That was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to easy – the lady bugs at least. Spotted two of the faces right away. Took about 10 seconds for the third.
    But seriously, the lady bugs? Come on. The original was way better.

  4. what i interestsiang to me is the diffential in “speed of detection”. I found the lady bugs in seconds of looking at the picture. The faces took as long as 3 to 5 minutes of looking. Mind look for specific difference and the “spots” of the lady bug gave it away quickly. Did not know initailly what to look for on the faces and once I found one I was able to quickly find the others. The mind and perception is a complex thing that learns so quickly.

  5. This one was fun. Interestingly one I saw the ladybugs I can’t stop seeing them but even after spotting all three faces, it takes a second to relocate them after that.

  6. I agree with jman12, I too can also find 3 ladybugs and 1 baby’s face; I can normally find these things very easily..not this time ..

  7. I found all of them pretty quick after less than a minute of looking at the picture.
    @Mars and @N I still haven’t found the ladybirds yet though ;-)

    Oh I also love how someone’s comment can be halfway down the page and they still say “First Comment” lol They can somehow find the objects in the picture, but can’t see all of the comments that have been posted before theirs. XD

  8. People can we please quit with the “First post” crap, thought we were a little more intelligent than that.

  9. I found the lady bugs and one face without help. I like this one. BTW, alijaya was the first post, :<)

  10. I see 3 ladybugs and some kid’s face… and I didn’t even read the intro. Not one of your better ones, I will admit, but who am I to complain?

  11. Whoo… this was a bit of an easy one! The ladybugs are all in the top half of the picture, but and 2/3 babies are in the bottom half. If anyone wants help…

    LADYBUG 1: Top-left corner
    LADYBUG 2: In a south-east direction from LB1
    LADYBUG 3: East from LB2

    BABY 1: South-west direction from LB2. (Go really slow for that one, because its very close)
    BABY 2: Bottom-left corner
    BABY 3: Begin at B2 for this one. Go up about two beans, then east, and you should find baby 3.

    Hope that helps, coz I never can find any useful info!! :)

  12. I found all of the faces very quickly and still don’t think the lady bugs look much like lady bugs.

  13. I like this one and it was fun. I found the ladybugs quickly and 1 baby and was about to say there was only one baby face…when I finally spotted the 2nd, then the 3rd. On this one, I managed to find all hidden features, but I really like having the solution available…for confirmation, if nothing else. Sometimes, these take a bit of imagination (to be kind) and sometimes they are very clear. There have been some where even after another commenter reveals the answer, I don’t agree that it looks like what it is supposed to look like. Sometimes, different commenters have different answers. Which is correct?

    I don’t care if it’s a different link or hidden until we click to expand or even if it’s not posted until the next illusion goes up, but I would really prefer some sort of solution for all “hidden” illusions like this.

    Thanks for the great illusions!

  14. Okay, seriously people, these comments are moderated so just because you don’t see any yet, doesn’t mean you’re first post. It just means the person moderating hasn’t gotten to it yet.

    I found the bugs, but could only find one of the babies on my own.

  15. The ladybugs were easier to find. It kinda took me a while to see the third baby which somewhere in the middle.

  16. i saw the lady bugs but at first i thought the face was one of those things where u have to squint your eyes to c it, but then i realized that theyre actually on the nuts!the faces are creepy…

  17. lady bugs-easy as punch. the babies took me a while. i found the one in the bottom right corner but couldnt find the other too. ohkie i guess but not good enough to wet your pants about =]

  18. FIRST COMMMENT YEEESSSSS!!!! Now everyone in the world will think I’m GOD and know how awesome I am for being the FIRST person to post one here!! Yessss! Oh my gosh I’m crying with so much happiness!!

    Maybe I went to far? I don’t know. I guess a dead give away would be it says (at the time I’m posting) there are 46 postings on this photo. And seeing I can only see like 15-20 comments (I’m not gonna count them) I’m gonna go ahead and guess I’m not the first. Hm…

    BTW- I thought this photo was awesome. Thanks for the challenge :)

  19. i’v found the 3bugs and 1 face within few secs.. but the other 2 faces i saw them only after opening the pic in full size! :)

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