Hidden Bug Optical Illusion

Friday is finally here, and it is time for all of us to start dreaming of what the next couple of days off will bring to all of us.  Some of us will head to the woods for some fresh air, but at the same time, with fall now upon us, the trees are not as pretty as they once were. The trees have lost all of their leaves, and they can even look like they are dead. Today’s optical illusion is all about dead trees with a hidden surprise. If you look closely at this close up of tree bark, you may notice something is there. Do you all see that there is a bug that is the exact same color as the bark?

hidden bug optical illusion

Ready for something else fun that is also an optical illusion? Take a look at these shadows that have been dressed up to look just like people. Shadows are cast by people, but in these pictures, the shadows truly do take on a life of their own. What do you all think of these illusions? If you all want to comment about how cool these shadows are, be sure you leave us a comment below! Happy Friday to you all and have a great weekend!

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