Here Comes Another Headache!

Had so much trouble writing this post. For some reason the image below just won’t stop moving. It makes my head hurt. Much. And when I tell you its not even an animated GIF, how would you explain this! I’ve read somewhere on web that it has something to do with your eyes’ microsaccades, the small, jerk-like, involuntary eye movements we all experience but usually don’t notice. I just hope I don’t give someone a seizure with this one ;D Oh, and high apologizes for lack of updates last few days. I got trapped in another project, but it’s all hush-hush for now. Don’t worry, you’ll be informed when the right time comes!

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  1. stare at something really still and the effect will go away. And stop you from getting a headache. Unless you happen to be staring at the sun.

  2. This isn’t a direct response to this pic. Looking for an illusion I saw many years ago. Picture like you’re looking out you window at another building. Look into the telescope in front of your window and see silloette of undressing lady in window across the way. Anyone seen it?

  3. sweet….i don’t know if it’s just me or what but if you stare at the center for awhile the circle starts to get bigger. but i didn’t get a headache. XD

  4. I wonder why this illusion doesn’t work as well if you print the image out (it work’s, but not as well). Doest it have to have a super-high resolution of modern computer screens? Or is it to do with illumination that a computer screen has?

  5. This is amazing. Do you know who made it? Does it have a name? I want to understand why this is happening to my vision. WOW! Thank you!

  6. This is (or used to be?) called a moirĂ© pattern. When I was in Junior High school in the 60s there was a traveling exhibit of art called “The Responsive Eye” my father and I went to see which had a lot of stuff like this. The big difference back then was that it was all in black and white; I suspect color moirĂ© is a more recent phenomenon.

  7. Just want to say I have followed your site for some time and I think it is brilliant. Thank you very much for your efforts.

  8. Yeah. If I focus on the center, the jerky movements definitely slow down, although they don’t stop completely, and I can kind of see my point of focus still involuntarily drifting a bit.

  9. If you relax your eyes sufficiently, the motion ceases. So I agree the illusion is likely to do with eye motions.

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