36 Replies to “Haunted Stroller Illusion”

  1. Maybe there’s somethng heavy in the bag between the handles… just heavy enough to learn it, not heavy enough to make it fall over.

    Likewsies, this might be in motion. If I took this pic, I would push the stroller so it hits the curb, and take the picture as it is falling.

    Gee, Im just full of ideas. :)

    1. I’d go with your second idea, only because that’s not a bag between the handles. It’s a movable cover….which really makes no sense to have on a completely open stroller as all it can do is block the sun, and it doesn’t do that very well lol.

    2. Check this. something weighing down the back to make it tip. the locks on the rear wheels make them immobile and wheel lock up against the curb prevents it from tipping even further. and it was caught at the perfect angle with the sun to make an impossible illusion.

  2. the point is NOT that the front wheels are in the air. the point is that the shadow of the front RIGHT wheel is next to the front LEFT wheel and looks like it’s coming from that wheel. pretty cool once you see what the illusion actually is :)

  3. I don’t think the fact that it’s leaning is the illusion here, gentlemen. It’s the fact that the right wheel is perfectly aligned with the left wheel’s shadow, making it appear Escher-esque in its impossibility.

  4. I agree with matt wilson. The illusion is not supposed to be how the stroller is leaning. The illusion is why the shadows are alligned strangely

  5. Yeah its supposed to seem like 1 wheel is off the ground not 2 like it really is but the shadow throws it off at first i thought it was dumb but now yeah its interesting

  6. People seem to be missing the point of this photo, even though a number of comments have already explained it. If you think this photo is boring, look at the shadow, in relation to the buggy! It’s impossible..

  7. if u cant tell, the front two wheels have been photoshopped. they are out of focus and the far front one looks larger than all the others

  8. why do you all have to hate?!
    Quit bein h8rs and just enjoy the sight
    p.s. If u dont have any thing nice to say: Shut ur Gosh Darn mouth!

  9. There is no need for photoshopping. Both front wheels are off the ground and the shadow is falling where I would expect it to. I understand where people say the illusion is but my mind can’t see it.

  10. Another possibility is that there is a person not in the photo but with the help of a thread pulling the stroller backwards.The grass in the background also makes it easier to hide the thread

  11. the stroller is not even above the ground. its not floating or anything like that. the picture has been taken in such a way that it looks like as if the front wheels are not touching the ground. but it actually is.

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