Haunted by Culpeo Illusion

So, I’ve noticed you weren’t that excited with some of our latest posts. It’s either that I’ve spoiled you over time with some of our better submissions, or maybe I have lost the connection with good ol’ old-school stuff. You have to realize though, it’s hard to keep everyone happy at the same time. While there are heaps of regular visitors that come here for years, I sometimes forget how significant amount of you represent new-comers. Even though there are bunch of superb optical illusion pictures just sitting on my desktop, sometimes I feel they’re too similar to something we have already posted before. Then I prolong their publishing date, and more often then not – completely forget about them. Anyway, be sure to tell me what you think… Do you mind some of the effects being repeated in somewhat similar photos, or should I strive to bring more diverse stuff? Btw, check out what user named Culpeo created:

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  1. Been following this site for years and you do a wonderful job of changing it up. I check it every day to see whats new. Keep up the good work.

  2. Imagine the fox’s embarassment when he tells his friends he was almost eaten by a bush. They’ll laugh him right out of the foxes union.

  3. I didn’t see it at first…found the reading glasses – no help…Was beginning to think you’ve been smoking too much medicinal marijuana when I finally picked out the illusion. Nice job!

  4. Took me a while, had to step back a bit but I think it’s another fox in the negative space near the trees. Like it’s looking down at the fox. Pretty cool.

  5. The shadows threw me off – and still do, but I see the ghostly fox between the tree limbs. I feel I’m still missing something.

  6. Some similar stuff is ok, but definitely the more different..the better! (I personally do love sterograms tho :)

  7. I like this. Simple and cute. And there is bound to be some repeats. You can’t escape it. I don’t mind because more often then not it is a different look at the same type of illusion. I don’t mind seeing another tree illusion (like the one above) because I have not see that exact one and I look forward to see what the next illusion will be.

  8. I just stumbled on to this gadget and I was impressed. I plan to see more when I can find the time, Thank you.

  9. I have never had any complaints about your posts. They can’t all be winners, but even your non-winners (I won’t say losers) are still interesting. My preferences have always been towards the art you post, especially those amazing Li Wei photos you turned me on to (he’s now one of my all time favs), and all those incredible sidewalk chalk art you manage to find. Keep up the good work.

  10. Do you realize that none of the comments on these illusions tell you what they are about? Like is there something we are supposed to find in this picture? Does it have a double meaning? etc. Instead I find that the comments are more directed to frequent visitors saying that this site cannot get to all the illusions requested. My request is that you let us know what we are looking at. Thank you.

  11. ??????? I think I may need a hint or two for this one. I only see what appears to be the head of the animal in the upper part of the two tallest trees. And I may be way off the mark with that guess!

  12. I don’t understand ‘Haunted by Culpio’ What am I supposed to be seeing?

    I’m new to your illusions and find hitting the random button a nice touch for browsing. Many of the pics aren’t that interesting though, the obviously staged and some photo shopped images are just silly, not at all as facinating as one of the first I saw, was it a hand or a girl?

    Thanks for your efforts to inform and entertain. I’ll keep coming back.

  13. Its nice to see different artists interpretations of classic types of illusions like the one above.

    How about devoting at least one day a week to new forms of illusions, and at least one day a week to well known illusions (in the sence the illusion is well known like the one above (a hidden image in the picture), but not necessaraly the artist or the picture its self). That way you would have something for new people and the regulars.

    Also, chaning the subject for some reason I’ve typed in a couple of replies rescently, and just as I’ve finished and about to submit, the page refreshes and looses my comments. Not sure why but its definitaly not me requesting a page refresh (I’m using IE9).

    Keep up the good work

  14. Love the illusion – sometimes these can be really obvious but this one was subtle.
    As for the repetition/diverse issue, I think it’s fine to repeat the really amazing illusions every now and then. You can’t find something completely new every day!

  15. I don’t mind you posting the same concepts over and over again, but could you please remove those scary pictures beneath your posts? I don’t want to see axed-up bodies or people with their lips pierced you know.

    1. I totally agree. I’ve been taking care not to scroll too too far down… some of those pictures scared the bajeezuz out of me.

  16. As Eddie Fisher said “If things go wrong dear, and fate is unkind, look over your shoulder, I’m walking behind.”

  17. I have followed this site for about a year and I always enjoy the illusions posted. I am amazed to see so many diverse creations whether they are similar or not. Keep up the good work!

  18. This is a great optical illusion – can’t you see the beautifull fox with his full fluffy tail in the trees. Just blur your vision and you’ll see it.

  19. Wow… That’s way cool. And I do think you should strive for diversity in your posts. That’s definitely a plus.

  20. I like diversity in the illusions, but I don’t mind seeing the same concept more than once in a row. I would rather it be a cool illusion rather than a boring one. I think you do a great job mixing it up and keeping it interesting.

  21. i just think you should maybe post more than one at a time if they’re really of the same theme and very similar to each other. maybe that way people will get fed up with one type of illusion for long enough so you may stack up on some new once of the related topic…

  22. I like your illusions; they grace my igoogle page. This morning I too was thrown at first by the shaddows; they didn’t look like the trees they represent & the fox didn’t have one, then I spotted it… The trees behind the fox form another fox! Very cool.

  23. This optical illusion is a giant fox in the trees. I enjoy this page every day, my only problem is that I am left in MODERATION many times, I would like this to change, Otherwise keep up the good work………..:)

  24. yes there is a fox, but there is also a lot of cats in the background. some are inverted and some are just what they are

  25. Is it possible to get in touch the creator? I would like to make a derived work from this users image…would appreciate any assistance.

  26. other animals may or may not be there in the trees and such. If you dont see the fox look in the open space between the trees. when you see the giant fox you know why the cat is nervos.

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