Harry Houdini Optical Illusion

An interesting illusion was composed by Tom Interval, who decided to share it with you guys. Tom runs an official blog for Houdini Museum which includes some pretty cool stuff, like this illusion for example. Inspired by our recent “Two Face Illusion“, he cut the portrait of Harry Houdini in such way that you can easily see a profile of the great illusionist if you choose so! If you click on the thumbnail on your right, and open it in full size, it becomes much easier to observe the illusion in details.

Now do this: cover half of the photo with your palm. What do you see? Depending which half your palm covered, different kind of head orientation is seen. You can easily observe it in both portrait and profile mode! How amazing was that?

12 Replies to “Harry Houdini Optical Illusion”

  1. Odd thing – this works better for me if the picture is flipped horizontally (we see the left side of his face instead of the right side)…

    1. at first it looks like half his face is missing, and when you look closely its him facing away from you, and you seeing his profile ( seeing him from the side ). Hope this helped! :)

  2. It’s like a Picasso. I think it’s fascinating. I agree that it works better flipped horizontally, though. Very strange.

  3. Thats the best one ive ever seen, i mean its so unreal, i cant get over how its been done its so great..

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