Happy and Sad Upside Down Face Optical Illusion

There’s sometimes more than meets the eye to some images, especially optical illusions. Faces have always been a fascination of mine, so when I seeĀ good face optical illusions, I have to share! This upside down face optical illusion is just one such illusion…

upside down face illusion

Now, judging by the face in this image, what would you say this man’s mood was? He looks pretty happy to me. Why is he so happy? Who knows! Maybe it’s his awesome beard, or perhaps he’s thrilled with his new hat. Whatever the reason, he’s definitely having a much better day than his upside down counterpart…

face optical illusion

When you flip this image around, you can clearly see the upside down face optical illusion. And his mood is definitely the opposite of his happy go lucky friend’s up there! The upside down man here looks much more melancholy than his buddy. He’s definitely not having a good day, that’s for sure! I’m going to guess that it’s because his sweater is too scratchy around his neck, but who knows. It could be anything!

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