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  1. I believe the first one, but not the second. I have seen the second one before and thought it was a photoshop joke… of God getting ready to “dump” something on us.

  2. Goatse is a rather sick picture that usually mentally scars people who see it. If you Google it you almost certainally WILL wind up seeing it and that’s not good. Really do look it up on Wikipedia. It has all you eed to know and no picture of it.

    And the second one is a photoshop.

  3. I believe on the second one someone important died, and god is opening the light to let them in. But, on the other hand, I haven’t seen the Goatse picture. Let me go check it out.

  4. No the first one clearly has 5 fingers. It’s just that the smallest finger on the left is shown in front of the others in a position of a helping hand

  5. its photoshopped… its so OBVIOUS!!

    you all suck!

    and i saw something cooler but alike.. and guess what?


  6. SSSSSSWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTT dude that is awsome….and ill wikapidia it…im afrade of what might happen…hee hee hee

  7. yea i saw the goatse pic and its nasty, but didn’t really play with my mind or anything, its just some sick guy doing some freakish…”activity”. But people who don’y have the guts to view something nasty, don’t see it.

  8. Those are sooo coool!!! My personal opinion is that, sadly, the second one is photoshopped, but, its really to bad it isn’t real. If it as real and I saw it, I would probably thing it was the apocolipse.

    Hey, Farted, why someone important? if it was anyone, it would probably be a saint or something.

  9. well…sorry to burst you peoples’ bubbles, but think about it: Does God need hands? If he is all powerful, he can do what he wants… He doesn’t need hands.

    P.S. They are still pretty cool
    P.S.S. Thanks for the advice on wikipediaing goatse…I would not have liked that picture

  10. i think the second one is real look at the bottom there is a little light and it looks like someone…maybe a soul?:)

  11. How do you find ownership of this picture “Hand of God”, I have added a dove in the palm of its hand and would like to use it on my website, with permission of course.

    Alabama White Dove Release

  12. that is the coolest thing ever i wish that when i dide there will be the hands of god opening the sky 4 me so that i can go 2 heaven

  13. If you Google Search Goatsee, you’ll lose your innocence today. O_o


    Don’t do it.

    I think the first one is amazing, it reminds of an angel picture I seen on Ghoststudy.com, but I do know the second was cleverly photoshopped…Still nice, though.

  14. for those who don’t know what goatse is and don’t want to risk seeing it:

    it’s a photo of a man stretching his anus open to unnatural widths. His penis and testicles are also visible in the picture.

    The second picture is photoshopped to be a joke based on that particular photograph.

  15. HAHAHA
    i just crossed the 2 ideas of god opening the light to let some dead dude through, and goatse

    but seriously…photoshopped

    1. Ive just been made aware of this picture. Whilst I did not photograph what I saw, i will still comment , last Sunday , 24th july 2011 , i saw a cloud like no other passing along the sky infront of my field of view , the cloud gathered distinctivness as i watched it , and the head and face of a man was so very very clear , also he had a body , and his arms were outstretched wide apart. The look on his face was so calm.
      Those who believe in God know that God doesnt actually have the power to physically pick you up and shake you and say look , im here , but it is a gentle subtle thing to tune into , and seeing how this cloud took shape, and now seing this, compells me to say Spirit does exist , and it can take shape in the clouds , to let the people see.
      There is only one God, he is the God of us all , islam, christianity , buddism, seikism, hinduism , are all living in confusion, and under misguided interpretaions of God , there is only one reality , and that reality is for all , not sepratism.
      Those who do not believe in God must atleast believe in Spirit , Human Spirit atleast , and our ability to endure , and discern what is right and wrong.
      watch the clouds , Spirit is with us all

  16. omfg even GOD is into that perverted goatse now!?
    thats messed up.
    also, for all the innocents out there…
    Whatever you do!
    GOATSE!! you got that!?

    on a completely different note-

    1. To answer your question…yes Allah does exist. Islam is the true religion. Even to myself this picture is a real reality check and it scares me. Inshallah Allah will guide to the right and true religion. Im just answering your question so please do not criticize islam if it isnt your choice of religion. Islam is a complete way of life as to where Christianity only has some answers to the many questions ppl are curious about. From how many days we are allowed to be mad at one another to what hand we should eat, all the way to what prayer you should say when traveling. Islam is so beautiful and so many ppl misinterpret it. But Allah is Most Merciful and All Encompassing. Bismillah.

    2. OMG, here you are saying “don’t criticize Christianity” yet in the same sentance you say “Islam is the only true religion”. Shut up you hypocrite moron, I’m a Muslim and I’m proud to be one. Idiots like you are the reason we have a bad reputation. Because you are forever pretending to preach tolerance and respect for other religions… yet you then follow up by saying that our God is the only real one. The Quran states that we must have respect for other beliefs. You clearly do not! Your an embarrassment to Islam.

  17. omg the closer hand has 10 fingers! where the heck did u find it? i know! I HATE PHOTOSHOP! at the bottom of the 2nd picture there is a bus! or so u think…


  18. I’m not googling goatse I read teh description in wiki and it freaked me out enough already….these pics a ps but they’re cool.

  19. Hi, Guys, I’m blown away. For years I have been trying to tell others about how God revealed Himself to me and to see that He is still doing it so that others can see is wonderful. Please feel free to google Raine Carosin and you can read my story on my blog and view my paintings at South African Artists.com. I’d love to hear from people who have had such experiences. Best wishes, Raine

  20. 2 years ago,after church on a sunday, I was going on a mission where I was to meet another sister in our church to go speak to the women in the county jail.I was praying and asking God to give me something to say to them to help them to believe that He is with us.As I was almost there I looked up and was marveled to see this same Hand,God’s Hand.I had to stop my car and there was a church right there and I drove into the parking lot and all I could do was cry. I worshipped Him for letting me see His hand over me.I wondered if anyone else seen it.But I am confirming that this picture is genuine.He has reveled His face to me 5 times since then. sincerly, Betty

  21. I am the peson who took the second shot in Kanazawa, Japan. I took it with my cell phone, and didn’t do anything with it except emailed it to maybe ten Americans and a few Japanese friends.

    It looked amazing in the night sky near the ocean.

    (Ed isnt my real name)

  22. Ed if you took the bottom pix it’s a coincodence because that picture was taken by me at a time in my life that I was questioning God. And if you took the same picture in another country and how it looked to you at the ocean is amazing because at the bottom of THIS picture you will see a telephone poll and a vehicle that was near me when I took this in N. Carolina. I can’t say that you did not see this because God is awesome and will reveal himself to whomever he please. If someone out there get anything from this BELIEVE God is who he say he is and prepare your hearts for his return. Because the time is drawing near and Christ is soon to come.I commision all that look at these pictures and read these comments to search your hearts and minds and accept Christ while you have a chance because if you don’t do it now you will lose your chance to be with him eternally. Christ loves you and so do I. God bless and keep you is my prayer.

  23. Its offensive 2 me that ppl speak about god in that manner and choose 2 argue over who did what u children of god. Its a blessing 2 see the pic no matter what. Praise god for it. If my belief in god offends anyone, keep in mind ur unbelief offends me and im praying 4 u.

  24. Ok, I’m not disbelieving anybody in any way and in this I am only stating my own opinions that I would like everyone to know. If you are easily offended please do not read this so you won’t be.

    First may I ask you…do you believe fiction (as in magic, different times mixing, etc..etc…) is real? My guess is no. If you don’t, then tell me: why would you believe that a blind man being cured with a few words and a touch is real? Or that there is an entity that watches over us from a completely seperate world called Heaven?

    You see, I think that the Bible isn’t meant to record actual happenings. It is meant to send a message about “beauty, freedom, truth, and love” (as Moulin Rouge would say, haha).

    I’m not saying that God does or doesn’t exist, and (who knows??) Jesus may have been or been based on a real person who went around preaching ideas for the future. However, I haven’t had any solid, absolute proof that a “God” exists.

    For those of you who say you have witnessed signs of God (I’m not saying if your lying or not because I truly don’t know you so I can’t tell from just a few typed words) I am truly envious and wish I could have been there to confirm it with my own eyes.

    It’s just that (I’m sorry to say) I’m getting tired of hearing about God getting credit for what humans do for themselves. “Thank you Lord for the health we have and the roof above our heads and the food on our table…”

    If you’re healthy, it’s because you take care of yourself or friends/loved ones help you. If you’re sheltered, it’s because you worked hard for money to pay the bills. If you have food on the table, it’s because you put it there yourself.

    Some people may argue that “God gave us life to do those things in the fisrt place!” Yes, that may be true, but that’s like giving a child Legos. After they are given, they can build up and down and sideways and spiraled. All on their own.

    Also, (for me at least) if I’m ever fortunate enough to witness a miracle – no – to see a sign that I KNOW means that there is God I will full-heartedly admit that I was wrong. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t and I’m anxiously awaiting the day to be blessed enough to see one.

    May you have Freedom, be blessed with true Beauty, always have the knowledge to see the Truth, and forever carry Love in you hearts.

    and thank you for reading to the end.

  25. First, to animerox111:
    GET A JOB!!!!
    Dont ever speak bad of god,
    Could you explain the emotions?
    Why do we have emotions…?
    ANd why everyday our humor is different of each day? They are not just some chemical process that origin from some specified things tthat happened.

    Why do we have mind…? WHy do we can see the light and the dark?

    Why did I saw a wild Lion in Afrika eating and taking care of an cub or pupy Deer, as said in the Apocalypse.

    Why do ghosts exist? (I saw one when I was 5).

    Why do we have peace sometimes?
    Why we are not just like programmed robots…?

    If you were dying of being hungry literally, why dont you kill your sister or mother or kid (if u have one)?

    Why when someone hear musik feel’s according to the music, sad or glad?

    Why when you do a good action, you feel like good, like cold or warm, and light inside? huh?

    If you do not believe in spiritual things, then reserve it for you…
    Because if somebody put you attention and hear your stupid words, it could lose its faith if it is weak… Then, why dont you try to unless do the right things?

    Other… Why and cold exist???

    Oh. Dont talkh avout ashian people, becose theyre much beter than thhe vig parrt of oxidentals… :D

  26. Oh! The second picture is fake…
    Because like when somebody is painting or drawing,
    it has to have an especiefied order :
    Um… like emitter and reciever, I mean um:

    < I__

    Bcause the intensity ilumination of the center is not according to visibility of the scenario, beside the position of the shadow of the clouds is not very logical, according to the volume or thickness of the clouds…

    Please, do not offend…^^

  27. So, judging from the second pic, god is a homosexual! (I knew it!)

    Btw, god does not exits. Never did, never will. And if (just speculating here) he did exist, he is a total asshole to leave so many people dying of hunger and thirst.

  28. This is really unbelievable thing, I cant believe it yet but whatever I can see in those two pictures, it reminds me the capability of GOD for sure.

  29. Gate you’re a complete moron did you ever had biology i don’t think so because if you did you know it’s all because chemicals and if you don’t believe it go to a warzone and say again that god exist i think you will be shocked if god rally existed and would be so powerfull there wouldn’t be so much suffering as said earlier by someone with common sense.

  30. @Gate:
    I do have a job thank you and it is VERY taxing.
    Do YOU have one?
    Based on your spelling and grammar I DON’T THINK SO.
    Anyways, THANK YOU someone!! I was about to say that. ^^ Also, I already told you not to read it if you’d be offended. It’s your own fault. I’m entitled to voice my opinions. AND HERE’S ANOTHER ONE.

    As someone said, science provides an explination for everything you just said. There are certain chemical reactions that result in that. Also, we have all that thanks to evolution. And don’t say that evolution is blasphemy or something like that, because I highly doubt that “God” would put fossils in the ground and DNA in our bodies purely for our amusement. And, if you’ve ever looked in a microscope at some cells then you know they exist. So, what do you say now, eh? Humans were just LUCKY, ok? We were in the right places at all the right times to evolve where we are today.

    To me “God” is like Santa Claus. Your parents tell you all about him when you’re little; about all the wonderful things he can do. And then, LIFE HAPPENS. You grow up, and realize he’s NOT REAL. He will never prove himself real. EVER. I’m not saying that there’s not some…I don’t know, force?? Being?? That is out there creating and watching. There has to be someone who laid down the guidelines. And I just can’t picture nothing after death, so yeah I believe in “heaven” in a sense. But, really? If you believed in God and his teachings 100% then why don’t you guve all your things to charity? Why don’t you live in one with nature and your fellow men? Can you say that you’ll do that?
    Then this discussion is over.

  31. You religious people are so cute with ignorant, uneducated and bizarre beliefs! keep fighting the good fight you weirdos!

  32. all i can say is wow!!! not to either one of the images but to all of u poor unfortunate souls out there who are so wicked and perverse! i sincerely pray that each and every single one of u experience God’s incredible love before u die because if not mark my words, you will be so sorry you didn’t believe in the all mighty God because when u are cast into the lake of fire there will be no turning back and it will be too late and u will regret not believing and acting so foolish and evil…by the time u realize it it’ll be too late, and that makes me extremely sad. No i can not force anyone to believe but how i wish u experience his love because there will be absolutely no way of doubting my oh so precious God who has done sooooo much for me!!! God is real! Jesus is Lord for ever….God bless u all!!!!

  33. If God was real, was there a reason why He let me be abused as an baby? -cries- :( The pain has been burnt into my mind and has affected me quite a lot in my life. Maybe I’m just unlucky… (Just expressing my thoughts :| )

    1. It was not God’s will that you were abused as a baby… He gives us free will.. and that free will someone abused that gift and harmed you.. so sorry to hear you were abused. I too was abused as a young child.. but I decided long ago.. that I was not going to allow that person to control me in that matter anymore. Let go of the pain and give it to God.

    2. To abused child,
      Get over it, everyone has issues and yours are no more important than anyone elses. God is free will, get it?

    3. OKay just because you ere abused as a aby doesnt make god not real. everybody has their issues and that just happened to be yours. Maybe that was in his will for you to be put through that so that today you can use it as a testimony to show others who are going through it that they can make it out the same way you did. But dont start to blaspheme, because you went through some things, just like everyone else

    4. What do you mean ” if God was real “?
      He certainly IS real ! ! Just because we can not see Him nor talk to Him face to face, does not mean that He is fake or imaginary.

      By the way, just so know, we should NEVER blame God for our problems/issues in life. No matter what happens to us in life.

      Just a little advice.

  34. Snopes.com is correct. The author, Edgewise, made this picture as a a goatse laugh for about 100 of us one night on the Evening Reading forum of shacknews.com when we were all bored and didn’t have anything much to talk about.

    Having people stand up adn claim some divinity and pass this pic around only makes us laugh more about how a completely crude an offensive drawing can be praised by religious people of all things that could have happened. We have heard about this pic being posted on walls in churches and snickered.

  35. Guys plz provide me with some full proof that these pictures wer not photoshoped or something. I realy need 2 know cos i personally think they were photoshoped…

  36. @animerox111
    may i ask–do you have a life?
    according to your conversation/argument with Gate, it seems like your motto is ‘What you see is what you believe’

    so DO YOU HAVE A LIFE? if yes then where? you might have said you have proof:you’re moving and talking–you’re alive.

    then i also have proof that God is true.

  37. It’s disheartening when (some) Christians both acknowledge AND ignore their own gullibility when it comes to images (and stories) like these. “We know that this image (or story) isn’t real, but IF IT WERE, that would be a testament of God’s power, and therefore the fact that I saw this (fake) picture is proof that God loves me and you.” SO illogical, and a complete disservice to the real miracles and gifts that you are given. If you believe in God, you should be angry that someone has taken your beliefs and enhanced (or mocked) them. Why is there a need to ENHANCE, ALTER, or straight out LIE about God’s love? Is the truth not enough to get you by?
    (And yeah- the lower picture is completely photoshopped and anyone who thinks otherwise A) is a fool and B) has never taken the time to notice how cloud formations occur (and really, if you haven’t spent any time observing nature, aren’t you ignoring one of the greatest gifts God ever gave you?).

    P.S. Hate to point this out, but Kerry? It’s spelled grammar, hun, not grammer.

  38. “Ed”, did you really not Photoshop it? Looks awfully real. And Betty, very emotional story. It was truthful, unlike “Ed”. I’m not insulting you, but as I said, toooooo real looking.

  39. Yeah like any of superstitious clowns have a care about what is faked or not. You just want to fake your deluded reality and say ‘there we go, ya see I was right, this proves it. It proves you are too f>{^}ing lazy to make any pretense at critical thinking and are working on the insipid assumption that everyone is just as lazy. GOD STRIKE ME DEAD IF I LIE. Whoops, still here.

    Dr. Speich

  40. no doult, it is the hand of god,

    he came to save us from death and destructuion .

    is hte gods, god of sea, zeus, paul, god of rain ,elc…… the profecies.

  41. it was in charch it was too the right of the visting paster his cloth were down to the paster shoulder his cloth looked like a dins cloud his hiar was down too the shoulders an c-er-ld cerld out an the go-t had harts in it lov you god bless

  42. In answer to Dalov1992. Although you say that Christianity has not all the answers. It answers all questions. If you do not believe that He died and rose from the dead you cannot be saved as it is written
    Romans 10 9That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.

  43. WOW. This is stupid. Just because a cloud that’s shaped like hands passes around your head doesn’t mean God is real. Get a life. Do something with your life rather than spend all day at a stupid church listening to crap. It could’ve been Photoshopped anyways.

  44. God is real though, he exists in peoples minds, people draw comfort from God, and take actions because of God, he definitely is a force to be reckoned with.
    Whether or not God actually physically exists or not is irrelevant, because the Spirit of God is real, and this Spirit is inside us all.

    Don’t be scared or sceptical, its ok. God is not about Churches or Mosques , we all have what we need right inside ourselves. Unfortunately some people make their own interpretation of Gods word , and take actions to impose their own interpretations on everyone else , this is not the True Sprit of God , the True Spirit of God requires nothing more than yourself , and having predominantly Truth with yourself.

    If you have one of these 5 things , you are already on your way , if you have 2 , you will find the True Spirit of God.

    Hope , in yourselves that things will work out alright , and you will get what you NEED ( not want )

    Faith in yourselves , that you have Hope , and you can endure

    Truth to yourselves , in all its depths , don’t delude yourselves , or others

    Love , both of yourselves and others

    Spirit , to overcome all our trials and pains , life’s endurances.

    When you possess these things , you will have found the Spirit of God inside you , you will always here the word talking to you.

    The Spirit of God brings comfort to many , don’t diss it , or you diss yourselves.

    And indeed , it is the Spirit of God that writes these words.

  45. God is real. He states in his word that creation is the revelation he has given. think about DNA. A complex code in our blood for your genetic makeup. every detail. If there is a code then there is a coder. As king david says ” I am fearfully and wonderfully made. You were brought out of nothingness into this realm. Gods realm. 2000 years ago Jesus came to this earth from heaven. Fullfilling Hundreds of prophetic writings given centuries before he was born. All who surender and make Jesus lord of their life will inherit heaven. Either you are going to pay for your sins or you will recieve Jesus gift of payment for your sins. If you don’t accept Jesus payment you will pay eternally in HELL. Many are there today wish they would have recieved Jesus but it is too late for them. Please don’t let that happen to you. We are all guilty of breaking Gods laws. COme to God in prayer and agree with what he says. GOd I admit I am a sinner. I have broken your laws. THank you for sending Jesus your son to pay my penalty so I don’t have to go to Hell but I can live under your leading and direction. Jesus please be lord of my life. I surrender everything to YOu. Change me lord” then Be baptized in the name of the Father son and holy spirit. Start reading the Bible. THe lord will change your life.

  46. Wow so beautiful I love my God if no body beloved in him they are wrong he is our father and we should treat him like it to and he did every thing for us I just don’t under stand why people don’t belive in him I think that is wrong

  47. Well this is nice, but I took photo in 1997 of God and one angle in same shot in the sky. I would about 3-5 miles tall. but would to know how to market this photo. And can prove it is real and it happen

  48. Yes this picture is true it was taken in Puerto Rico vieques when my son went to see great grandmother in 08/24/2011 at this time 5:25pm o yeah and I have the picture in my phone and no am not lian like everyone els


    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG, so many people saying that THEY took this photo… You are complete liars! You actually did not take this photo, you did NOT, in fact have anything to do with it… EVER. To say that you did, and be proven a liar – makes me wonder why people would lie about it… are you trying to prove the existence of God to others? Because you have been complately debunked, which is funny – who are you trying to convince that God exists? LOL – feel free to read down and look at my complete post which actually proves that you had nothing to do with it! LOL, lying dork!

    1. LOL, you are such a LIAR – it was created by a guy who was from a company called “Edgewise” LMAO, its comical to see what people will say. Why would you even bother lying about something like that. Please feel free to scroll down this page to see my full post. LIAR!

  50. I am the photographer of the first image. It’s not photoshopped. Here is more info. If you click “next” you’ll see another shot of it taken seconds after. It was taken with an infrared filter so the original coloration was not natural, it was pinkish. You can see that in the image immediately after this in the gallery. It’s just a cloud shaped like a hand. Clouds come in all shapes.

  51. Listen, to all you people out there who just don’t think God exsists. Belive what you want, but just don’t beat down on christians because of what you think. You can say a big explosion made everything, I don’t care, but don’t judge people by their faith. And if you want to put down some mean replys, go and do it, I don’t care about that ether.

  52. I stand on my faith. Because God is real, it’s accually very easy to see. And honestly, explosions destroy things, not create all life and matter itself, it just doesn’t add up.

    Ok, now, if you are going to put some mean comments about what I say being stupid, do it. Be my guest, but it won’t do anything.

  53. HI .. i would like to share same experience… I once in my dream saw this mighty Hand coming out of there cloud.. and on another occassion in my dream again, I saw this mighty hand coming out from the cloud but this time with a little baby girl angel by the side of the hand…My girl friend was pregnant then and i was confused about the dream..But to God be the glory… my girl friend gave birth to a baby girl and the little baby couldn’t make it ..she only breath for few hours and finally dead… Maybe God , want me to be closer to him…That’s reason why my user name here on yotube was ..GOD MIGHTY HAND …

  54. Here is the original picture. Hands Opening Clouds (without the hands)http://files.abovetopsecret.com/files/img/pq51c782a8.jpg

  55. In fact I also saw a couple if not triple of times some unusual shapes in the clouds. One which I saw really turned my brain outside in. It was a vivid picture of a couple: the male bearded figure held a kind of a baby on “his hands”, the woman figure, leaning her head on the man’s shoulder, had two very distinct black (darker)small clouds on “her face” with lashes. It was really amazing to see this sky picture for about 20-30 seconds before it started changing shape. That was the real devine forming – I can’t even make an approximate guess for the probability of such a shape formed by clouds in the sky. It’s a pitty that it didn’t come to my mind to grab a camera and snap a picture of this formation. So I’ll have to photoshop one day something of a kind.

  56. It IS funny that so many say they took it. It’s only been 2 years since finding out it went “viral”. Now, I’m driven to find the original among many, many old discs of photos, because after loosing our son, Cullin to SIDS at 6 months, we have started a non profit called Scared Sidless, which helps other families of loss…if this photo, my photo, can be copyrighted, then it can make money for the nonprofit and help families. Love & Sincerity, Ginny Limer, Tx.

  57. hate to burst your bubble but the original of the top picture resides on my sister’s cell phone. it was taken in sodus ny along ridge rd. she is forever jumping out of the car to take a picture of clouds but this one was amazing

  58. This picture IS real, it’s my photo. I know because I pulled it out of my arse, Goatse style….

    Anyway, it gave us a laugh knowing the stupid religious folk were sending it around not knowing they were actually distributing a meme for one of the sickest photos to ever be taken. I guess it’s like the bible, these dumb fuckers will believe anything.

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