10 of the Most Horrifying Halloween Makeup Illusions

Halloween/FX Makeup Illusions

Makeup and special effects are amazing works of art.  Although, we love what makeup can do to hide imperfections and highlight features on the face.  It is what the artists producing Halloween and FX special effect today that has set the bar very high.  Recreating everything from fantasy characters, monsters and demons to trauma, the realism in these optical illusions is what ultimately tricks us.

In addition, why not add a new look this year to scare the pants off your friends and family.  We have compiled a list of some really cool and horrifying Halloween makeup illusions.

Demon Girl-Halloween Makeup Illusion
Demon Girl- where are her pupils?
Carved Face-Halloween Makeup Illusion
Looks like she had a really bad accident- ouch!
Mutated Patient-Halloween Makeup Illusion
Is he dead or alive?
Focus Halloween Makeup Illusion
FOCUS on what you are reading!
Zombie-Halloween Makeup Illusion
His diet consists of brains and sewage water.
Possessed-Halloween Makeup Illusion
Looking into her eyes will have you possessed…
Gruesome-Halloween Makeup Illusion
Smoking can make your throat explode.
Rotting-Halloween Makeup Illusion
Rotting flesh is the new Fall 2017 look.
Zerg Queen-Halloween Makeup Illusion
She is leading the Zerg army to victory.
Jester-Halloween Makeup Illusion
This jester has an amusing performance.

Let us know what you think of these Halloween makeup illusions in the comments.

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