Guido Daniele’s AT&T Hand Paintings

Guido Daniele, an author behind all those “Handimals” we covered in the past, worked with AT&T on a campaign to sell AT&T’s roaming capabilities. You can see the results inside this post. Most of the images I posted lack the signage, info and logos present in the actual billboards you can see across the country. The animals and imagery painted on the model hands are to symbolize the countries in which you have ‘roaming’ capability. The photo shoot for the nine initial ads was two weeks long. The hand-painting took approximately one full day, with Guido beginning in the morning as co-workers prepared the lighting and retouching on the shots taken the day before. By the time they were ready to shoot, it was already nightfall! I will let you choose yourself which of these photos you like the most. My favorite is the coral one. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh my god, those are his best paintings so far, I think. Absolutely stunning.
    I love the one with the two leopards. I thought at first the fingers at the bottom were real grass. =)

  2. The Elaphant one was the best.Though the leopard one I didnt like , the perspective was off making the leopards look like they got ran over then blown up like a balloon.

  3. Wow, These are great.
    Like you, I like the fish and coral one the best.
    Thanks for bringing such wonderful stuff each day!!!!!

  4. Many years ago I saw something similar but this is truly breath taking! I can’t pick the one I like best because they are all so fantastic!

  5. Wow, this is absolutely awsome! Great work and it is sooo full of details!
    I like the Leopard one most…this is really something!

  6. These are awesome! The amount of effort it must have taken to create the ideas and paintings must have been very great! My favorites are either the elephant or the cheeta!

  7. Yeah I saw all of these at an airport. They are so awesome in real life because the ads are fairly large

    :) keep up the good work!

  8. I saw some of these in magazines and stuff over the summer. They are really great.

    A suggestion for the site: you should make an iPhone application. There are a few optical illusions applications already available, but none of them have such a vast collection as this site. I would definitely pay for an app if you made it

  9. i love the last one. The Egyptian people look so real. You can pass them off as real models.
    Keep up the good work.

  10. Love this site, nothing special to say about this post other than it rocks. Just wanted to contribute to the comments pool!

    Keep the site going. It’s really cool and it has become a permanent addition to my day-to-day schedule.

    Can’t really say which I prefer. Corals or grass? Chinese wall or elephants? Whatever I choose…it looks real.

  12. they r soo cool its like super awesome my favourite is the elephant 1 and i didnt realise the grass for the 2 leopards were hands untill i saw FaQs comment its soo kul :):):)

  13. i was just in new york and i saw the china ad, i was thinking of taking a picture to send here but i didn’t have my camera. what a coincidence!

  14. That isso kewl!!!! My favorite one is the great wall of china one!I also really like the one with the fish and the coral 2!!!!

  15. Thanks, it took me awhile to do it my friends worked hard and got dirty in the process. (The paint on our hands.) I will be sending in more so don’t miss it!!!!

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