Green and Orange Afterimage

To remind you what afterimage illusions do; after some period of staring at the certain image, the colors burn inside your eye retina, and after the illusion animation disappears, because of your newly gained super-powers, you’re still able to see the negative image afterwards. Now that we’ve repeated the basics, let’s see what today’s optical illusion does. Stare at the little black cross for a minute or so. After some time, blue and pink letters (that spell incorrect colors) will disappear. Still, you’ll be able to see the previously read colors. Does all this make sense? I had some tremendous trouble with my English today… must be the hangover.

Green and Orange Afterimage Optical Illusion

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  1. It’s not that powerful for me, but I can still remember that green is the negative for red and orange for blue. Still cool!

  2. I think this is something like a film negative.

    You don’t see the previous colors, rather the opposite of the previous colors based on the red-yellow-blue color wheel. For me, the word orange appears to have a hint of orange and green has a trace of green.

    I believe since the GREEN is written in red, when the color is removed, the eye retains an after image of the sum of the two missing primary colors, yellow plus blue- or green.

    Likewise since the orange is blue, when the blue is removed, the eye retains an image of yellow plus red- orange.

    These ‘opposite’ color relationships are called complementary colors. The relationship between oranges and blues was once a favorite means of expression for Van Gogh, in his series of self portraits. They are also the very snappy colors of the Denver Broncos.

    Red and green are well known for their relationship with Christmas. And people with red hair tend to look very compelling in green attire.

  3. I don’t know if it’s just me but every time I look at this image I read “grange” and “greece” before I even saw the real words anyone else get that?

  4. i like it, because it’s more than a simple afterimage play – it’s several illusions in one – those little outlines are so clever, never allowing us to perceive the entire afterimage at once, directing us to see only one colour in a given place at a given time…

    as for powerfulness, staring at the X through several animation rounds helps, the time given isn’t quite enough

  5. Oh.. yea it works. The trick is to keep staring at the cross when the animation starts moving and the colors start to come up!!!

  6. It’s much much too fast.. doesn’t give enough time for the colors to burn in good. then the flahsing words are too fast for you to tell much.

    I barely had a perception of the orange color and none of the green.

    I copied the images to photoshop so I could flip between them a bit slower and it helps, but it’s still pretty week.

    I’ve seen better

  7. this is FAKE dont stare at the x-sign and after the two colors you will see an outline of gray yellow and green alternating. but when you stare at the x-sign you will really see the negative.

  8. i think i got it.. you stare at the black cross and then when the white letters show the word GREEN is supposed to be shown in green and the word ORANGE is supposed to be shown in orange.. thats how i saw it

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