Garbage Face Optical Illusion

So, the illusion was lil’ too obvious for us yesterday, ayeh? I agree. But look at what birdie brought in today! Once again you’ll notice some kind of face figure, moreover it’s easy to see the face again, but the main difference between this and previous Octavio’s artwork is that the formation on your right wasn’t painted. It’s a real-life scene, and the image you see is a photo of an actual “exhibit”.

I’m not exactly sure of the origin, and whether this is some kind of prepared art installation, or maybe an “accidental” gem instead. With later being less possible, I believe that the person who deposited all the junk at this particular location, knew exactly what he or she was doing, and how to arrange all the garbage to form something that makes sense. This optical illusion greatly reminds me of what the store owner in Burkina Faso did to his shop.

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  1. It’s “garbage”, not “grabage” and “later being less possible” would be better as “the latter being less likely”.

    Just trying to help.

  2. I’d like to see a photo taken at a different angle, too, so I can try to discern what “grabage” was used. It’s very good.

  3. It’s a nice illusion, but it’s really simular to the last one.. and it’s still a bit too obvious just like the last one

  4. It hurts my eyes to try and distinguish all the separate features of the junk pile. I really like how the artist used the tunnel. All in all, amazing sculpture, if not much of a complex illusion. (First comment, I think -.-)

  5. Vurdlak, you are getting more interesting all the time! This art installation is very well done. A lot of people will call it nothing but junk, and they are right. But it is put together to form a piece of illusion art. Very well done.

  6. This is absolutely wonderful. I have seen other exhibits of ‘junk’ art but this one tickles me more than most! And, yes, Robin Williams was the first thing that popped into my mind!! Shades of Bicentennial Man!

  7. nice work I wonder is the sculptor and the photographer the same artist? another perspective would be interesting

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