Google Earth Weather Anomaly Illusion


Jacek Szydłowski, who goes by the nickname Reiz0r, found this strange weather anomaly in Google Earth. I know how this happens, probably layer snapshots are used from different times of year. However, it looks really cool and little SF. Rez0r wrote this: “First of all, your site is really cool so I use google widget and lastly I was inspired by ghost car illusion so i decided to post some strange weather anomaly from google earth. Screen included and here are coordinates: 54°45’31.98″N 18°23’58.01″E Take care, make your site best illusion site ever.” Also concerning pizza island from few days before, another user submitted even cooler Google Pizza, and I’ll post it soon. There are more anomalies and optical illusions of this type inside Google Earth category. If you find more similar strange locations, be sure to submit snapshot (not .kml or .kmz) and coordinates, so other visitors can find the location themselves. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    cool first comment!
    anyway this is pretty cool. moscow or what? snowy, see.

  • Laura

    This wasn’t that cool, but if you think about it, it’s intresing
    (first post!

  • Gator

    Some times in Colorado it is like this; you could be in one part of twn with it snowing, take a 30- minute drive and it is like 80 degrees. i guess that is what this is like.

  • Nathan

    Hey, I sent u an email with another cool optical illusion it’s yet another google earth thing, pretty kool! Enjoy what I sent!

  • Not At School Anymore

    Pretty Cool if you think bout it you know that somthing ike that could never happen so it has to be a technical difficulty

  • Anonymous

    thats cool its like a clouds over one side

  • Nathan


    If u didn’t get that last post, which I think u saw, check ur email, by the way, kool illusion!!!

  • Ribbed

    These Google Earth “mistakes” are really neat. My yard borders a golf course that is suffering from this same “What Season Is It Anyways??” syndrome in Google Earth.

  • You Care Why?

    That’s awesome! 3rd post!

  • Anonymous

    just a little obvious, but pretty cool.. woo 3rd comment!

  • Chiz

    This is alright, seeing as how this doesn’t happen everyday.

  • michicotty

    Ok… Sry but I don’t get it.
    It’s really cool though.

  • michicotty

    I don’t get this one.

  • T

    I fly around Google Earth all the time, so having so many of these posted here isn’t interesting at all.
    As much as I love your site, and am grateful for the widget, I’m kinda sick of finding such a large percentage of Google Earth shots here.
    How about some more of those crazy bottles?! :-)

  • Anonymous

    what’s with this first post thing? i don’t get it. it’s annoying!

  • Anonymous

    It isn’t different times of the year, it is a different type of camera being used, i.e. Infrared vs visible light.
    The water wouldnot be completely white even if frozen over.
    look at the buildings in the top part, the shadows are sort of sketchy. This has happened where the satelite used a different type of camera to record where it was when that part of the earth was in shadow.(night) Eventually they will go back over that part of the earth and retake photos and relayer them.

  • Anonymous

    Derp,maybe before making an arse of myself and stating what I believe is obvious, I should look at the program and zoom out a little huh?

    I was completely off, I have run across that before with different cameras being used for areas in shadow, but this is obviously right it is snow, there is ice if you zoom out a little in google earth you will see breaks in the ice, when you zoom in, you can see shadows on the snow.

    Duh, open mouth, insert foot!

    Keep up the illusions, they are great, as always!

  • qwerty13

    if you look closely, the trees in the white area are all leafless. And if you look in the green area, the trees are covered. This evidence supports the layered photos theory. (Pics taken during summer+winter)

  • Anonymous

    thats freaken cool

  • FelipeMNP

    that isn’t snow. I saw that effect over Rio de Janeiro just after Google Earth came up. there’s no snow in Rio, but the effect was there that time.

  • AK

    hmm. I love yur site but i dont think that the repeated Google Earth posts are a very good idea.

  • PMG

    Every time I look at this page I see at least five people saying they posted their comment first. Have people not noticed that when post #2 says they’re first, they look like an idiot? Play it safe, please.

  • Einst87

    dovrebbe essere la polonia… non è un gran chè

  • Anonymous

    These are quite common infact :)

  • dan

    I think it’s just a cloud

  • Anonymous

    this is crap, Jacer Szydlowski must be a pot head if he thinks that is cool, the inside of my bum hole is more interesting! lets sort it out, please!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Its Poland,not Russia!! and if you zoom out You can see its just taken on a different date.
    Is this so special,na.

  • gators friend!!!!!

    tottaly awsome!!!! but i don’t really get it.:( but that is really awosome!!! comment 3, totally awsome!!!!(lets be best freinds!!!) and when you get to read this give me a message that says gater gator gator!!! see ya

  • X

    This is cool when you use google earth/maps. There is just a small strip of snowy area and the rest is green!

  • Kydra

    That is obvisously a photoshoped image. There is no way that it could look like that on the water. Only lake water can become frozen. Ocean water cannot. Besides, you can see the gradient on the white to the real image. I like the whole site, just not this image.

  • thekingmikeg

    WEATHERMAN:And on the southside it will be slightly cloudy, but if you take a short walk north you will run into rough snowstorms and subzero tempatures

  • Anonymous

    Same area another mismatch

  • Politikally Paranoid

    Thas so weird…but if you scroll all the way down to the last comment copy that link into the web address box, you can see other mixups…check it out.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha – that happens in Flight Sim 2004 (and FS X) if you suddenly change the weather in flight – lol!

    Ps – cool illusion ;)

  • Anonymous

    There’s some freaking illusion around the area of the Nazca lines (Peru, I think), but I don’t know the coordinates. There is a road that vanishes into thin air and pops again many miles to the north.

  • Anonymous

    ok… it me or am i the only one that sees 2/3 oof a face midway through….towards the bottom you see a series of black trees…(the mouth)…then up a bit a few more…(the nose) then kinds like the two eyes…with white hair….kinda? no?

  • Anonymous

    I have noticed that as well.
    Also, as I was doing to drive by thing in google earth, I was going down the strip in Las Vegas and it kept going from night to day every few clicks

  • Art

    Google just updated it’s pictures so the Snow and Summer picture is in different location.

    Also This is Poland Not Russia. Get it right people.

  • Anonymous

    Na this is probably the border between Canada and USA.
    It makes sense. lololololol.

  • Battlegun

    Am I missing something here? I don’t see anything wrong.

  • A

    The thing is it is snowy on one side and dark on the other.

  • me

    it looks as if someone is reaching down

  • Jacob

    That could happen naturally, I’ve seen it a few times myself. Plus I’ve seen odder… my one friend had rain falling at her house… but only one one half of her yard, and my own yard was cut in two by snow, 6″ of snow on one half of my yard and nothing on the other.

  • Edward Hunt

    Interesting but I don’t think it snowed like that. Looks like it is a very thin blanket of snow probably covering the whole picture then a warm front melted part of the snow. Line looks to straight for snow to have fallen like that.

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