Giant Boy Getting a Kiss Optical Illusion

Top of the morning to all of you and welcome to Friday, the last day of the week! How excited are all of you that today isFriday? We are all very happy that it is because it means the weekend is tomorrow, and that means that we can go out and have a great time! So, do you all like to take pictures? Well check out this giant boy who is getting a kiss on the cheek because he is today’s optical illusion! Now, we studied this photo many times, and it is kind of a mystery to us how it was done. Now, some forced perspective shots are easy to spot, but this one is not so easy, and it really does look like he’s a giant boy!

Giant Boy Getting a Kiss Optical Illusion

Ready to see a really funny image that has a lot of hidden faces in it? Now, in this optical illusion, you have to find many faces, and it sure does look funny doesn’t it? How many faces do you all think you can find this image? Well, we have not counted all the hidden faces, but if you all want to please go ahead, and then post a comment to let us know how many you find. Have a goodFriday!

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