George Bush and Ted Bundy – Twins?


“George Bush and Ted Bundy…twins separated at birth???” asked us user called Cnm. Don’t know if it’s some political propaganda, but I sure notice the resemblance between these two guys. The line that should go under the image says: “One is responsible for the deaths of at least 36, the other is responsible for the deaths of thousands”. I’m not from USA, but I dislike Bush too. Just to remind, my purpose of publishing this is because of the optical illusion properties this photo has. Please don’t make it political debate :) If you want some other similar illusions check: George Bush and Bill Gates illusion, or some political campaigns done by Veja Magazine. Another set of them can be found here.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    and its not bushs fault for all the crap going on… well,.. i kinda… screw it bush kinda sucks…



      You understand?

  • max

    I didn’t need a photo to know they were alike!

    But still, nice work on this whole site.

  • Anonymous

    1st and im drunk!

  • Red.


    5th and I’m not drunk!

  • Hotshott

    HAHAHA!!! That is truly awesome…

  • leah

    wow. theres this photoghrapher hu does all theez pics o people hu luke xactly the same, but rnt related. herez the website:
    i totally suggest u check it out. note to the angel middle schoolr: IT DUSNT LUK LKE AN ANGEL!! the head makes it luk lke sum undevelopd baby. also, as long as im blogging this, i suggest you all look up the arctic monkeys on itunes. they rule!

  • Anonymous

    White ebonics is not a language.
    Step away from the keyboard and crack open a book.

  • whitelightning

    Who has the bigger IQ out of Bush or teddy?

  • the same leah as before

    so i dont care bout my spelling on the comp, who cares? obviusly you, you anonymous persn. omg, rnt i lke GREAT at comebcks?!? lol. i suck

  • Maria

    now it all makes sense

  • Anonymous

    It’s horrible to compare him to such an evil man.

    Poor Ted.

  • Anonymous

    I’m reading the Ann Rule book, “Stranger Beside Me” and I could not help noticing the uncanny resemblance. Ted’s nose is sharp like Dumya’s and he does like quite like him in the 70’s. I just googled this and I can see that others see it, too. W is also a mass killer but in different way. Both are scary.

  • Anonymous

    It’s horrible to compare him to such an evil man.

    Poor Ted.

    Hehe, this made laugh so much.
    and good work with the site, keep it up!

  • Optiguy

    Hey Vurdlak, where are you from??

    George Bush sucks!

  • Anonymous

    It’s weird, we see it’s not him, so weird!
    There are so good ones, a lot of good ones on this site but this one is WEIRD!

  • Anonymous

    they both look like my swim coach!!!!

  • ME!

    BUSH IS A PIECE OF CRAP! End of story!

    Anyway, they do look alike.

  • Anonymous

    “don’t make it political debate” you say? I see by the comments you’ve allowed(and disallowed) here that you are deliberately only showing one side of the debate–thus giving a distorted picture of the feedback generated on this vulgar attack on the president. Unconscionable!

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s cute that most of you probably aren’t even from the states or are too young to know anything about politics and only hate Bush cause it’s the cool thing to do right now. How about you stop believing everything you see in the news and start to do some more research and then make your own mind up. And how dare you Vurdlak insinuate that our president is responsible for the mess in the Middle East right now. Are you saying that Hussain wouldn’t have still been killing his own people had we not gone over there, or Osama would’ve just quit his day job had we stayed on our own turf? I used to visit this site on a daily basis but I’m not going to have someone who isn’t even from this country and doesn’t really know what’s going on except for what he gets from the biased news talking down about the leader of our country. You’ve just lost a visitor and a subscriber.

  • Anonymous

    Problem is you (post 20) do watch the main stream news, I suggest you open your eyes and have a good look, US backed/created Sadam and Bin Laden to suit their own purposes, why did they back Saddam in the first place and then remove him when he didn’t obey their commands. Bin laden living in a cave in Afghanistan on a dialysis machine didnt pull off 9/11, do your home work, why did WTC building 7 collapse from a small fire, no planed hit it, no buildings have ever collapsed before from fire, you know what that means? All 3 buildings were laced with explosives well before 9/11, by who? you may ask. Who benefits?

  • Anonymous

    i dont want to sound weird but that is going 2 giv me nightmeres of george bush and george clooney

  • hmmm..hahah george bush is suck…..obama is the new president……but they were look alike…..but the fake one is look like drunk…….haha so he ;look like george bush….suckers

  • Delia

    Lots of people care about your spelling, it was very hard to decifer what it is you were saying, makes my brain muddled trying to follow yours.

  • I am sure that the quote that goes under the pic was sent in with the pic and the owner of the site did not make it up… There is nothing written here he says except he dislikes Bush too. Everyone is entitled to thire opinion. Love this site. Thanks for all the illusions!

  • Lawrence

    @ Anonymous says:
    March 21, 2009 at 1:43 am

    You are kidding right? WTC 7 fell because of structural damage from the collapse of the North Tower and a big fire fueled from generators that run on diesel. Three buildings were hit by planes North Tower, South Tower and the Pentagon, Did you not see it happen? Were you there? And if you know anything about demolition of buildings, you would know that it did not happen. It would take thousands of charges, miles of wires, and months to do it. Then with all that in place the plane hitting the tower would have rendered any explosive wiring useless. Plus the fact that all the explosives charges would have to be detonated in a sequence and timed to destroy all support columns which would have taken much longer time than the building fell. North and South towers fell because of structural damage and fire which weaken(not melted) the steel to the point where it could no longer support any more weight and failed. Dont forget, the added load to the remaining columns, (after the others were damage/destroyed), are now even under more stress, and then throw in high temperatures from the fires and its easy to see why they failed.

  • johhny

    they both were crazy serial killers

  • Grace

    Bush is neat! Stop it with all this political crap!

  • Candee

    This comparison proves nothing. Many actors have been cast in the role of Ted Bundy because they bore a strong resemblence to him. Does that mean the actors were like him?

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