Garfield Comic Illusion

Another flattering email arrived from Alyss Heart, she gave my site some nice compliments, and also attached another comic that can be connected with optical illusions. It’s Garfield comic this time, drawn by Jim Davis. I believe all of you heard of Garfield, and that he needs no additional words. This is what Alyss wrote: “First off I LOVE your website! It’s one of my favorites. Secondly I found this Garfield comic on a widget in Dashboard. It just reminded me of an optical illusion.” After you enjoyed this comic, you should check impossible objects section for more.

41 Replies to “Garfield Comic Illusion”

    1. The illusion is that it LOOKS like he’s standing on a half inch thick fence, but in reality, it a foot thick!

  1. This goes to comment number five.
    Yes it is an illusion, because the guy that sent him a letter thought it was a very thin fence, like the normal ones, but actually its a very thick fence allowing him to stand on it and like he says, things are not always what they seem.

  2. uumm just so you know sven, no there isn’t! neway, lmao, well not really, but still this is really good even though i didn’t realize he was even on a wall or fence! teeheehee!

  3. its just a comic strip drawn by hand… i like garfield but… this optical illusion is not an illusion at all but rather 3 comic scenes… Stupid.

  4. cmon a joke from time to time is good isn’t? Sth different then all those dizzy pics. and garfield rocks. of course.

  5. on the third panel it shoul have said “Well this is an illustration and it would be just as easy to float up in the air.” …not good.

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