G. Sarcone’s Impossible Piano

Impossible Piano by G SarconeG. Sarcone is one of the most featured optical illusion artists on Moillusions.com as of lately. Week ago we published his relative Chopper Lines, as well as similar Impossible Table Stuff. This time he created a piano with some kind of hidden paradox. Can you spot it? It shouldn’t be too hard.

Concerning the site, two days ago we’ve received alarming number of tips that our site was blocked by Microsoft. It was an error we’ve quickly sorted out. Apparently, there was part of the malicious code injected to our website, but luckily I have spotted it, removed it, and strengthened our web’s security. The warnings are now pulled down by Microsoft, but just in case, please reply if they’re gone on your end as well!

23 Replies to “G. Sarcone’s Impossible Piano”

  1. It’s not actually impossible. The piano keys could just stop before they get to the drinks, or the keys could just be painted on glass.

  2. Not impossible? Look at the vertical space under the keys on the left and then look at the surface upon which the drinks have been placed.

    Not a great illusion in my opinion but it is definitely an impossible sketch.

  3. T.J.

    It is impossible in the sense that the vertical surface in front of the keyboard transitions into a horizontal surface under the drinks. Either that or they are super-glued in place. That is the onlt impossibility in the picture. I think it is obvious that the theme here is a piano-bar. Kind of reminds me of the old stereo console I turned into a wine cabinet.

  4. As the drink’s glasses are standing on the shelf which is also the front facing plain of the keyboard it would be impossible.

  5. I honestly don’t see what is going on here? I am familiar with illusions and what not, but all I can see in this one is an image of a half piano and what looks to be a open cupboard with drinks on the counter top.
    Could someone please explain.

  6. Actually T.J I thought that at first but if you look closely, you’ll see it’s not quite that the keys stop before getting to the drinks…There’s a little more to it. I’m not gonna ruin it for you, you’re close and will figure it out. It’s quite neat. Love it! :)

  7. It actually is impossible. The front of the piano keys twists to where the drinks are standing, and the spot the keys are twists up to become the back of underneath the cabinet. Sorry T.J. you just didn’t look at it correctly lol

  8. The line on the front corner of the piano follows along the top for a while, and then seems to go behind the glasses to become the back corner of a counter-top. That’s what the illusion is.

  9. I agree that this is not impossible. It lacks the detail of a drawing that can make that claim. My mind easily precieves a bend in keyboard where the keys loose opacity. That said it’s not bad, just not escher.

  10. It clearly is impossible because it has three white keys together and one black key all by itself.
    Just kidding, I think its fun. Not sure I would have got the Piano Bar word play without some help though.
    M C Escher was the master of this type of thing IMHO.

  11. i think this illusion is very unique…wow it has been awhile since I’ve commented….yes of lately my nortan has been going crazy with malicious activity on this website let’s hope it’s gone now…

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