Furry Star Trek Fan Optical Illusion

Morning everyone! Today is Thursday, and the week is slowly winding down, which is a relief!  Leonard Nimoy died six days ago, and this is the first chance we have gotten to pay tribute to the man who will forever be known as Spock in the Star Trek franchise. Today’s optical illusion just goes to show that Leonard Nimoy had fans that are both human and the furry kind as well. This kitty looks like it is watching Leonard Nimoy as Spock, and it was both amusing and sad to see because the little cat looks completely fascinated. Who can blame this furry Star Trek fan?

Furry Star Trek Fan

Ready for some cool body painting? Check out this optical illusion that involves body painting to look like fruits and vegetables! To us, the funniest part of this illusion is that it looks like this man standing next to the stand wants to buy something, and his facial expression looks like he is uncertainty. Can he buy these fruits and vegetables? It is tough to know exactly what this man is thinking, and who can blame him? What would you all think if you saw fruits and vegetables that look like this? Today is Thursday, but the week is almost over, and we hope you have a nice day!

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