Funny Fart Illusion


Maybe not an orthodox optical illusion, we could also discuss its tastefulness, but at the end we end up with this really funny illusion of a man who eat too much of spicy food. This illusion was also submitted by one of our fans, Lucas Cantor.

  • Nessa

    OMG!!!! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen!!!!!!! :)

  • Kevin

    that’s classy….

  • Farted

    I’ve got to show this to all of my friends

  • Woooo!

    Oooooh ha ha ha ha ha. Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee! Hooo hoo hoo hoo hoo! Ha ha ha!

  • Farted

    You can see the boat behind him though, but it’s still funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chazzlover

    cool but why is his finger in his nose?!?…..O_o

  • Leion

    Thats the switch to trigger the fart

  • Kiara


  • dude


  • george

    damn man you gotta fricken quarintine that area (fall) (thump)

  • Hai


  • idris aka hai is annoying

    this is not great but hahahaa

  • hai is annoyin

    do they post these things or what?

  • 12 year old kid(Really)

    Hahaha very funny,Why doesnt he just get a match,then put it behind him and fart? (Just kidding) :)

  • Seba 719
  • sfkdgklg

    i didn’t even giggle

  • samba

    cool…..he should perform that as an act….hehehe
    really love this blog

  • Darth carrot

    i laughed as much as he farted

  • BurninRubber

    Maybe a flame thower behind the man threw some flames and made it look like da man farted flames

  • Lay-Lay

    nice…that is great

  • Raul

    funny yes but anyone with a brain can tell that he is on an oil platform and that falme is the natural gas that is produces when they drill for oil but yes its still funny

  • wtf

    this is stupid

  • Nick

    Judging by the safety net next to him hes on an oil rig and thats the flame from them burning off the excess natural gass.

  • KagomeKitono

    lame lol

  • Ash

    Haha, i can see that Lady saying Pull my Finger
    -Falls down laughing- Ok,Ok i’m Done. :-P

  • no likey name

    oh ha ha fart that’s so funny

  • to Kagmekitono

    you rlame

  • gabsteravenue

    not to be annoying, but that is so not funny, and dare i say it, immature

  • Anonymous

    Umm..not funny.

  • Anonymous

    if u noticed but there are two flames comeing from his but hole

  • Anonymous

    i thought this was freakin hilarious but if u actualy look closly u can see its something behind him


  • qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

    Guy in Pic: “I shouldn’t have eaten that double bean burrito”

  • anon

    You lot that find this thing funny need to grow up, because it is so childish.

  • foundlostidol

    Where is the illusion??????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    childish ? yes . but where is your sense of dumb high school boys.{dumb humor} if thoght it was hillarious

  • Anonymous

    He shouldnt have ordered the spicy bean burrito…lol

  • Danger Machine

    ROFL!!!!!! I LUV DIS SYT!!!

  • Anonymous

    how is that an illusion?

  • Anonymous

    thats lame

  • spaceguyp

    this is when you take a gas-x

  • T-t-

    mmmkay. seen it now for the…two…three…four…about 19,005,902th time.

  • Bennett



    There are one of ttwo explanations for this photo.

    One is that somebody soaked his pants in kerosene and then threw a match on it while he was bending over to pick up a coin or something.

    The other explanation is that he has been taking lessons from a friend of mine!

  • Slow Progression

    Cute. Immature (snicker), yes, but cute all the same . . .

  • Me haha!!!

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! i can’t stop laughing! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  • Martial

    OMG! Not funny. :o(

  • edderiofer

    i agree with#19, except theres a boat behind him sending off flames

  • kenneth


  • Eye-vern

    OH MY GOD!!!

  • Anonymous

    i saw that pic on a myspace test called what kind of fart are you!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I wish I could fart like that lol

  • FARTED!The movie.

    Guy1:”I shouldn’t have had those 12 spicy bean burritos.”
    Guy2:”Let’s quarintine this place,

    THANK YOU ladys and gentlemen!

  • Anonymous

    lol excuse you

  • Andrew

    Funny but hes also flipping people off

  • CareBear

    Now that’s gotta hurt. What kind of salsa did you say he ate? Or did he pick up a can of Sterno by mistake?

  • clark

    what i dont get it

  • Kate The Cat

    The end of the world… :O
    lol and I thought my dad’s farts were bad.

  • nobody

    only chuck norris can fart like that…this is obviously a guy standing in front of chuck norris after he farts…not a good idea he was probably killed soon afterward…

  • Cecilia

    i love this picture

  • Kristian

    Does this guy have two buttholes??

  • qwertyuiop

    hes a fire-farting dragon!!!!!!!!!

  • Ember Mclain


  • Anonymous

    it would be pretty deadly to eat beans then…

  • funny !!

  • Grace

    If this happens to you, DO NOT go any where near a blowtorch.

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that is hilarious!!!!

  • KLB

    you can see the something (boat or buoy maybe?) burning behind him.

  • Jay Longtin

    He’d better not eat beans at a party that would just ruin EVERYTHING!!! LOL!!!!!!

  • the man

    haha farty buddy

  • brian

    Eric, do you need to sit in the corner until your flaming gas is under control?

  • brian

    God’s defense against male homosexuality.

  • nora

    i love you

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