Fruit Man’s Family Illusion


Remember our original Fruit Man illusion? Well, thanks to our commentators, more precisely Juan Luis Roldán, we found out that the original fruit man was created by French artist called André Martins de Barros. I’m not exactly sure whether these 3 posters were also created by Barros, but the style sure looks familiar. Artem sent me these photos, the guy famous for his controversial Albie’s Farm Logo from the past. At least that one got over 180 comments. Let’s see if you can beat that record today. Well, not the record actually. I think the hidden tiger still holds it with his 343 comments (and growing)! Which fruit man you like the most in this post?

  • Kenia

    I really think it must be hard to make faces out of fruit. They’re really cool though!

  • **cara**

    Ummm. . . I think the middle one is the best although it’s more of a flower man than a fruit man!

  • Anonymous

    I like the 1st one.

  • Anonymous

    The other two are by Giuseppe Arcimboldo! :D

  • Steve L

    This “Fruit Man” reminds me of an “Animal Man” who goes by the name of “Grotesque Head.” You can view him here

    I should mention that the Grotesque Head was painted by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian artist who lived from 1527-1593.

  • Anonymous

    Oh they all are! cool site

  • Connor


  • Anonymous

    wow very cool I like the scary root man.

  • Jessica

    The Third one looks weird and evil.

  • Anonymous


  • Chris

    wow cool

  • Leah

    i like the first one the best. the 2nd is easy kinda…the third is cool though

  • Anonymous

    very cool and very imaginative.

  • Anonymous

    I look forward to the illusions every day. They are so enjoyable. I like fruit man #3. Thanks for these daily illusions.

  • joppa

    The author is Giuseppe Arcimboldo, aka Arcimboldi, an italian artist born in Milan in 1527. More info on the italian Wikipedia.

    …Big up from Italy!! Your site is great! Keep up the good work!

  • joppa

    ..and by the way these paintings are titled, in order: “autumn”, “spring” and “winter”. (“summer” is missing here)

    Notice each season’s face is made out of his fruit, according to italian seasons…

  • Anonymous

    i like the first

  • Anonymous

    They are great compared to the first Fruit Man Illusions Posted on the cite. Pretty Kool.

  • Manuel

    The artist is Guiseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian painter from the Renaissance that should be the patron saint of this site. His portraits have always been the best illusions (or whatever you call them) around.

  • Bhavesh

    i know the first image is called “Autumn” and was created by Giuseppe Arcimboldo for sure as we studied him in Art 3 years ago. The rest are also most likely made him him too. Giuseppe Arcimboldo was very famous for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of such objects as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books.

  • Anonymous

    Come on guys, those are by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, italian painter of the 16th century. Martin de Barros, the french, contemporanean painter of “fruit man” was a lot inspired by this italian master…

  • Anonymous

    You look at it for a second, and you forget about the fruit. It’s weird.

  • Anonymous

    i like the 3rd one… he kinda creeps me out. oh yeah, pretty cool website

  • Gary

    The top one has the most kinds of real fruit, but my favorite is the third one because the “food” he is eating is a heart rot fungus (Fomitopsis pinicola) which is really digesting this poor guy from the inside out.

  • Anonymous

    I think that the top fruit man is the best, but all of them are so good. And if you look at the flower woman for a sec it actually looks real. It’s so cool.

  • s427

    There’s a famous animation short, called “Dimensions of Dialogue” by Jan Svankmajer, featuring such figures (animated in stop-motion). It’s brilliant but very, and I mean VERY disturbing.

    You can watch it here :

  • Michael

    Thats really fruity. I like the guy with mangroves as his hair; I would think it would be pretty uncomfortable. Plus it looks like he has hamburgers for lips. I could go for a Butter Burger…Thanks a lot.

  • Guy Martinez

    hey, why isnt there a BIG link to the magic site? I wanted to go there, but i didnt want to take the time or effort to google it. Please make a link to go there…that would be stupendous poppy

  • Anonymous

    the 1st & the 3rd

  • Anonymous

    gosh I’m TWELVE and I knew who the artist was.
    get some culture you freaks!!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE SARAH…..!


    Now coolio and whats the dealio with the fruit guy?

    Still BRILLIANT illusion

  • art

    can i post myself (i am artem)?

  • sven

    sven the bottom one is entitled winter by giuseppe arcimboldo, i am not sure about the other two.

  • Angelina

    These are actually the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo 1527-1593 who originally worked with his father designing stained glass windows at the Milan Cathedral and then began serving as the court painter for Emperor Ferdinand I and his successors. Winter is one of my favoirtes, which is the title of the third one shown here. The first one is Autumn, and the second one is titled Spring.

  • MintyFresh724

    wow i thnk the pictures were wicked!I also thnk it ws wierd too in a good way.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody remembers the sledgehammer video from Peter Gabriel, upon the 2:20 min?

  • Anonymous

    The third one has a sandwich as a mouth!

  • Anonymous

    I liked the first 1 the best because it was just like a man it must have taken ages to to!!

  • Heather

    Um the first one b/c the 2nd one is flowers not fruit and the 3rd is more of a tree than hmmm fruit! I like this site but sometimes it can be stupid!

  • swim

    the last one is creepy =)

  • Yes, these three paintings are by the Italian painter Giuseppi Arcimboldo who was court painter to Maximillian, Emperor of Austria. He was born around 1527 and died in 1593. These three paintings are in the collection of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. I saw them there in the Italian wing. My work was indirectly influenced by Arcimiboldo, whose work influenced Salvador Dalí who more directly influenced my work. For a view of that type of anthropomorphic perception you may visit my page at
    David G. Wilson

  • sam

    They are so fruity.

  • ZL123

    The first and third are the ugliest. But flowers are not fruits!!
    ‘Tho potatoes are not fruits too.

    Nice, sam. I agree.
    I prefer the third.

    • Coolcatpower

      Thats a puffle!!

  • Someone

    Ey, the nose at the last guy… perverted >.<

  • Coolcatpower

    I recognise these pictures! They’re in the Louvre, Paris, France.

  • I don’t see how this qualifies as a optical illusion.

  • Rebekah

    OMG!!! I’m in P7 and even I know that was drawn, painted whatever by giuseppe arcimboldo!!
    Didn’t you losers go to school

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