Front of Side View Optical Illusion

Good morning everyone, and hope you all had a great extended weekend! Today is Tuesday, but it will still feel like Monday to everyone, but that’s okay because it means that the week is going to go by pretty quick! Today, we have a great optical illusion for you all because it asks the question as to whether this is a side view of a man or the front view. So , take a look at today’s optical illusion and ask yourself that very important question.  Honestly, this photo is pretty cool, but confusing at the same time because it may be both a front and a side view, but your mind may automatically see it as one way or another, but still it is a great illusion that is a lot of fun!

Front or Side View Optical Illusion

Speaking of fun, how would you all like to do a little deer hunting? Take a look at this optical illusion, which is called, Gardner’s Deer Forest. This optical illusion is great because you get to find as many deer as you can, and we want to know how many of them you do find. When you all are done hunting the deer, be sure and leave us a comment below so we can find out how many deer  there really are in this great picture.

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