Four Floating Men Optical Illusion

Hello everyone and welcome to Saturday morning! We got to sleep in today, and then had a nice breakfast. Some of us have access to pools, and since the weather has finally turned warm, it is nice to actually be able to go out and enjoy the sun. So, how do you all feel about swimming in pool when the weather allows it? Would you all like to see a cool optical illusion involving a swimming pool? Today’s optical illusion is all about four floating who are hovering over a swimming pool.  Do you think that these men have the ability to float or is it just a very talented photographer with great timing that captured a moment before these men get really wet? However, we think the picture is cool so we like to think that the men really are floating, which makes the photo a lot of fun.

Four Floating Men Optical Illusion

Want to see another illusion that is going to make you do a double take? Check out this bird, and it is not alone because there is another bird right beside it, but it’s not a normal looking bird at all! Do you see that this second bird is made of leaves? But the bird looks real though doesn’t it? Well, have a nice Saturday!

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