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  1. CLEARLY the phone was used to order the magazine,when it arived the candle, being afraid of Jhon Hedgecof decided to run Run RUN away!!!!!!!!!!!!(scary man)

  2. some other light source is used…shadow due to the candle light cannot be seen for any of the objects because of their positions…not even the candle…whose shadow is formed on theplace precisely where it is glued

  3. Mindy is right. The candles shadow has an umbra which means that soft lighting was used to light the scene. The lighting was carefully arranged to throw the shadows of the phone and the magazine down behind them. The dark patterned carpet further obliterates the shadows.

  4. If the candle is real, then the only explanation is that the carpet, phone (including the cord), and the magazine are glued and the picture is rotated counterclockwise.

  5. It has to be painted on or else just like Ben,Th,and Hai said the flame would have gone up

  6. hey guys please do me a favour lol please stop confusing me one guy sed that it has no shaddow ‘n’ thats confusing cuz i can see da shaddow but i kinda agree that the mag and the carpet and telephone waz glued on the wall …but anyway the ppl who has msn plz add me [email protected] …..thanx just copy and paste my email add is kinda long

    thanx xx

  7. well lets see…i think that….at a party thats going on in the pic…that while the candle was talking to the phone and the carpet..along with the magazeen(lol)….the carpet noticed it could cach an fire…so it told the magazeen(thats the way i spell it…you dont like it go kill yourself)so they took off…sadly they where conerd…but sents the phone was on the carpet it taged along….=^.^=

  8. Hahaha. How could anyone think the candle was glued to the wall? This is so obvious, I’ve seen it done on much larger scales. The candle is on regular plain old flat ground. The telephone and book are glued or taped to the wall. The picture was either rotated 90 degrees afterwards, or taken with the camera on it’s side.

  9. The candle and candle’s shadow were added on after the picture was taken..

    Look close at the candle and it’s shadow… Why doesn’t the flame have a shadow as well?

  10. The candle flame CANNOT be a bulb. WHY? because if u look at the candle’s shadow, the “Bulb” does not have any apparent shadow considering the “bulb” is made from glass/wadeva, it shld produce a shadow with some sort of distorted reflection… and yet here, we see no shadow at all, which leads me to believe its a true flame, which will produce ONE, solid shadow *that flickers, duh*… but u cant SEE this one shadow because since the light source *that is located out of the picture* is shining from an angle enough to produce a long shadow, which hits the other wall. SINCE the light source is in this angle, the top part of the candle would makke a bigger shadow than the bottom, and since the light source is located a slight angle below the candle itself, the part of the candle facing the wall would appear bigger. Hence, the single shadow produced by the flame would be covered by the candle’s shadow.

    so, since the flame is not pointing upwards, its clear that the carpet, book and phone was glued onto a wall, and the candle, on the floor. the picture was rotated.

  11. Fungusfulpixi, the candle is not glued and it is not on the wall. the magazine won’t fall open if it’s just a cover glued together..duh…

  12. The candle could be a cigerette poked through the wall or
    not real or it could be rotated andthe book and phone could
    be glued on but that could probably not happen because if
    they were the book would be open and phone off the hook
    THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. MAYBE on 7:30 PM
    The candle could be a cigerette poked through the wall or
    not real or it could be rotated andthe book and phone could
    be glued on but that could probably not happen because if
    they were the book would be open and phone off the hook
    THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    errr…hello! they could have glued down the recever and glued the book together.it would have been dumb not to think of that in an optical illusion. i agree with s. henry, LISTEN! and peter. plus they could have photoshoped in the shadow after.

  14. I agree with number 24. Why else wouldn’t there be a shadow for the flame? so that means, they took the picture with the rug phone and magazine on the FLOOR and photoshopped the candle in along with a shadow. its pretty obvious. duh.

  15. They glued the magazine shut and the phone and the carpet to a wall
    then they put the wall paper on the floor and on one wall
    then they had a light on at a low level to make the candle have a shadow
    the flame doesnt have a shadow as it is plasma and doesnt stop light.

  16. guys it is obvious the rug phone and magzine are glued to the wall the magazine’s pages are glued together and the candle is normal

  17. The candle, along with the shadow, is painted on the wall. It cant be glued because the flame would be pointed up. and if the candle were real, then the flame would be giving off light and making another shadow for the candle which its not.

  18. I’s clear that the candle is on tha ground and the magazine, telephone and carpet r stuck on to the wall.
    Also the magazine wouldn’t fall open cause it’s stuck so the pages
    r facing downwards.
    so how could the magazine fall open?
    Another point is that, if the candle was on tha wall, tha flame would have pointed upwards.

  19. wow guys – it was stated that there were no digital modifications. so, NO PHOTOSHOPPING. now, if the out-of-frame light source is stronger than that of the flame (very likely) then the flame wouldnt even come CLOSE to creating a noticeable shadow of itself or of the objects on the dark carpet. if the carpet, phone, and mag were glued and the picture was rotated – well the pages are facing down, so the magazine wouldnt need to be clued together, cuz it wouldn’t fall open. this is so obvious it hurts to think it went unnoticed by some of you. and the phone cord could’ve been glued also, so it wouldnt hang to the right, and the phone itself could have been glued to the base. the only other possibility could be a pretty nice paint job on the wall, but i’ll go with the real candle and the picture was rotated. also – this doesn’t need to be a real room. it could easily be ply wood covered in plaster and a carpet glued on one side.

  20. personally i think this is obvious. fistly the candle is actually up right on the floor the the carpet, phone and book are glued to the wall. Then the picture was taken on the side.

  21. since the flame is going strait across, not upwards its obvious that the rug, phone and scary magazine are glued to the wall.

  22. the candle is NOT glued or else the flame would go up the phone mag and carpet are glued on the wall and the pic (or camera) was turned on its side EASY

  23. The phone has to many numbers. the candle’s shodow is not acurate. the magazine is fake. This looks like a painting. not real.

    the entire candle and the shadow are strategically painted on the wallllll.

    it seems so obvious when you know what they did.

  25. only the entire candle and its shadow were strategically painted on the wall, and the lighting was set up to look like its from the candle.
    but if it realy was a candle, wouldnt the wall behind it be brighter in the spot where the flame is?
    its obvious when youve seen stuff like this alot.

  26. it is so easy you take a picture of the candle on the floor then u take a picture of the magazine & the telephone then open paint rotate the picture of the candle nd add the other picture

  27. The flame should be going up, and if you look at the the shadow, there is no shadow for the flame. I think the candle is glued but the flame is p’shopped

  28. think think think….. could this have been photoshopped? imagine, they take the picture of the carpet and other things, and then they take the candle add it and you get this (i think) or i dont know something happened and gravity took a vacation? :) haha love ur site sorry this is a little too long =] be happy!

  29. Let’s assume no cheating occurred and nail down some certainties. The orientation of the candle flame indicates the candle is definitely sitting on the “floor”. The candle’s sharp shadow verifies that a single remote light source is illuminating the scene from slightly above the candle (shadow is shorter than the candle) and very close to the scene (shadow is wider than the candle). The light source is bright enough to mask the candle flame and any shadow it may create. So the only mystery is what’s holding the phone and magazine to the wall? Simple! In today’s digital age, corded phones and magazines suck! Du-uH!!

  30. Gravity is technically a phenonemally potential force which can be defied with certain forces such as the complicated system of DGP. The X corner of the gravitional pull converts an extreme matter of sinistra gravity, whereas the Y corner of the otherwise known as gravitional pull converts an extreme matter of destra gravity. Equalling these out, if a hand-made store magnet is constructed or purchased, these can defy gravity if chosen precisely and carefully.

    I’m not kidding. Ask the smartest scientist you know.

  31. Ashley, ( #11) if the candle was glued to the wall, the flame would go up. It always would, even if you held it upside down…. except something bad would probably happen… but if the phone and magazine were on the wall, by use of glue( you can not stop the ultimate power!!!!) and the candle was on the floor it would look that way… or this is a real good Photo Shop artist…. :D

  32. my physics teacher did a photo like this resently. i helped him a little. the candle is indeed sitting on the floor. no glue was used for the phone. if the phone was on the wall the cord would hang to the right in the photo.
    I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to figure it out with the info i have given you. ITS SO SIMPLE!!

  33. the candle is on the floor. the phone and mag and carpet is glued/anchored to the wall. the camera is rotated. the picture is taken. done

  34. its easy the phone and magazine are attached to the wall and the candle is on the floor, but the camera is turned sideways

  35. the phone and the magazine are glued, the candle is on floor, and the camera is rotated… the shadow of the candle is of course not from its flame as if it were it would be directly beneath and around the candle, maybe its from the flash light of the camera…

  36. The candle is a led light and is stuck to the wall. Not a very good ‘trick’. And a flame has quite distinct features to it.

  37. wow there are many dumb people in the world, first off it was stated that This one is also not done by digital modification. so its set up and a few guessed right that the candle is in fact on the floor because the flame goes up, next the carpet and phone and magazines could be done with a few drops of super glue someone said the cord would be hanging well it is but at that angle it would lay on the wall giving the illusion its on the floor and if it wasnt a drop of superglue on the end of the cord would and the magazine at that angle would stay closed so all that would need to be done is take the picture and level the camera to the wall to those who were correct congrats you are not as stupid as the ones who were wrong oh and the lighting has a luminosity so as not to show the candle flames shadow but is at a degree which gives the candle a shadow on the wall, i could give numbers but i would hate to confuse anyone further

  38. I got stucked here. If the right answer isn’t above (e.g. glue on the phone and mag) more tips & hints are required (mirrors envolved?, concave vs convex thing?, etc)

  39. and the candle has no wax drop to prove that it is a candle in a first place. i suspect that is a light shape as a candle.

  40. I see three possibilities.

    1. The candle is on the floor and the phone and magazine are glued to the wall.

    2. The candle is painted on the wall.

    …or what I actually think….

    3. The whole thing is a painting

  41. The candle is NOT glued to the wall!
    If it WAS, then the flame will go UP, not to the left!
    The book, phone and carpet where GLUED to the wall, then the picture was taken SIDEWAYS!

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