Food Portrait Optical Illusion

Latest issue of Clase Premier magazine, a monthly publication distributed to first-class passengers of Aeroméxico airline, has featured this optical illusion portrait made entirely out of food, plates and dining utensils.

The setup was made by mexican art studio Golpeavisa, featuring a mind-blowing portrait of danish chef Rene Redzepi, who is a renowned noma restaurant owner.

Similar attempts have been made before. Portraits were done out of debris, Bose elements, garbage and even Harley Davidson bike parts. And while I’m sure we have already featured examples made entirely out of food, I cant seem to find particular illusion I could reference here. Care to help me?

Seems that Golpeavisa has taken the concept of “playing with food” to a whole new level! Utilizing an arrangement technique referred to as flotsam and jetsam, they carefully arranged wine glasses, wine bottles, dining utensils and a diverse selection of food to develop an accurate reproduction of chef’s face. The illusion works best when portrait is seen from a distance, and can only be seen from certain angle. Those of you using our “Optical Illusion of The Day” widgets and gadgets have probably seen the illusion in its full glare even before visiting this site.

6 Replies to “Food Portrait Optical Illusion”

  1. its also definitely touched up in photoshop (see white thing for nose, eggs “in” bowl, and general washed tone) to make it look better, and create shadows that shouldnt exist
    – no more an illusion than any painting. Using mediums ironically is just abstract art

    even under scrutiny an illusion does not fail (like the necker cube or a mirage) thats what makes it an illusion

  2. This is a fantastic piece of art, but its most definatly NOT and optical illusion. whereas it may be (and truly is) a very clever portrait, carefully and meticulously created, there is nothing about it to do with clever optical illusions!!!
    nice job anyway!!

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