Food Art

Does this one look to you as a really long fish, wrapped in a spirall arround pole made from lemmons? I got the same impression looking at this picture. If you open this article, you will find many, many more interesting food art “installments”. Whoever did these, must be a true artist, or enormous food lover. This is great… Check it out! Your assignment: try and guess which “food installment” represents what?

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  1. I just noticed there are no replies to this. You’ve got the greatest blog on earth! Please, keep up the good work!

    1. 1st 1’s a boa constrictor (fish) strangling sumthng (lemons). that’s the only 1 i figured out.

  2. This are art, but not really illusions…

    And the first one to me just looks like a bunch of sardines wraped around lemons.

  3. These are my guesses…./Comments

    1st One: Lemons with eels.??

    2nd One: Some radish,beets,carrot,potates.. and ther stuff..?

    3rd One: Some olives with Potatoe peels or radish or soemthing…

    4th One: Only thing i can identified is the lemon.. and i think the spiky stuff is something from underwater for deco.

    5th One: BIRDY! Loserz.. >:( I think the stuff on top of it is some kind of cabbage or lettue or w/e.. at first it looked like potatoe chips :P

    6th One: Ew..? Its kinda look like that spicy sutff you have with sushi

    7th One: Looks like Raw Meat with some Indain Spicys like Masala.

    8th One: Mushrooms with whole wheat bread… Makes you never wanna eat again :/

    9th One: Pastries with flowers..?

    10th One: Salami Cubes

    11th One: Choclate bars with fruit

    12th One: Green veggies trying to Look a stract…


  4. If you squint your eyes and look at number six it looks kinda like a frog on a rock. Although you may not have to squint your eyes to see it, but it helps a little.

  5. wonderful…
    so, let’s play…

    # 1 : profile of a suffocated rabbit

    # 4 : love making (whatever missionary…)

    # 5 : bird out of an egg

    # 10 : bird in costume with southern helmet

    # 11 : classy cat in a rocking chair

  6. The 1st pic look like a bunch of fish put together to make an eel.

    The 2nd one looks like a sea anemone.

    The 3rd looks like seaweed.

    The 4th one looks like sea sponges.

    The 7th one looks like 2 shells on top of each other.

    And….the 8th is a coral reef.

    so it must be all about the sea. that’s my opinion =]

  7. some of these look like faces or animals when you squint your eyes. i don’t know about them all being animals though…some of them seem to just be pleasing arrangements of food…in england you can get cards with these on in shops like butlers, but they aren’t exactly the same, they are recognisable animals

  8. some of you are a bit thick.
    you think the dead bird is a pigeon adn that that pigeons aren’t food?!?!?!?!
    its not a grouse either
    its a french partridge and 3 birds i’ve mentions are edible

  9. the second one looks like a hedge hog or porcupine, if you squint at the third one you see a deer type thing wrapped in stuff, the bread/mushroom is a horse, the one before that is a lang beaked bird looking to the side, and the last one is a high heeled shoe.

  10. 1) A snake killing its prey?
    2) A hedgehog
    3) Medusa? idk
    4) Idk
    5) A baby chick hatched from its egg
    6) idk
    7) An hour glass? idk
    8) A dinosaur? idk
    9) SNOOPY!!!
    10) Meat cubes?
    11) idk
    12) A dog

  11. why are there so many people outraged at the bird but not the fish or meat cubes? they are all animals and all get eaten. people are too disconnected to where food comes from. there is no way that can be considered disrespectful or disturbing.

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