Flying White Dog Optical Illusion

Sunday is here, and this is the first day with the time change. Spring forward is not the best time of year for anyone, because who knew that one hour could make such a difference in how you feel the next day. So, how do you feel about man’s best friend? Do any of you own a dog? Well, today’s optical illusion is all about a white dog that can fly. What do you think? The way the photo was taken, it does look like the dog is soaring high into the air like the famous super hero, Superman. All this white dog needs is a red cape and it will be Super Dog!

flying dog optical illusion

Ready to see a beautiful peacock optical illusion? Now, this may look like a regular peacock, but do you all want to know a secret? The secret is that this is not a real peacock, but a person that is painted to look like it! If you all don’t believe us, just look at the head and you will see the human hand that is painted up.  Quite amazing isn’t it? Well, we know today is Sunday, but try and have a nice relaxing day and enjoy the last of the weekend because the week starts back up tomorrow!

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