Flying Child Optical Illusion

Hello everyone, today is Thursday, and you all may be starting to feel a little tired because you have been getting up early for now the fourth day in a row. Also, the time change is still rearing its head, and some of you may really be feeling it for the first time since Sunday morning. However, you all are doing great, and we know you will make it to Friday, which is tomorrow! So, how many of you all want to see a flying child? Check out today’s optical illusion, which is all about a flying child! This little kid has a frightened look on her face, and who can blame her? She’s flying, and that can be really scary!

Flying Child Optical illusion

Ready for another optical illusion? Check out the logo for the Dodge Viper, but is it really the viper or is it the famous cartoon character, Daffy Duck? We bet you all never saw this before, and it was quite a surprise for us too! We had to study this logo long and hard in order to see Daffy Duck, and we will never look at this famous logo the same way ever again! What do you all think? Well we know its Thursday, but things will get better and tomorrow is Friday, which is a reason to be happy. Have a good day!

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  1. Have we changed the definition of “optical illusion”? This is a very nice, cute, and ubiquitous picture, but no illusion. Perhaps we can establish a parallel site called “Mighty Nice Pictures” for all of these well timed photos.

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