Flying Carpet Optical Illusion

What do Soviet spies, meditating Yogis, random “cool dude” and Johan Lorbeer have in common? Well, it appears each one of them has mastered the skill of levitation! Today another young lady has joined their league. It appears her speech required so much attention and concentration she didn’t even notice when she got her carpet rise off of ground. Simply amazing!

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  1. Lol- thats cool – and funny.

    At first glance I thought it was shopped – but it’s not- the shadow is from a flag behind the camera position – like the ones in the background :)

    You can clearly see the shadow is of a flag not the carpet and mic.

  2. That’s pretty cool how the shadow of the flag makes her look like she’s floating!
    Awesome Illusion!
    It’s funny how even though you know how the illusion happens, you can’t help but see it.

  3. I just hope people don’t go about saying how this was some waste of time or how this wasn’t anywhere an illusion. This is an amazing photo which at first did look like it was flying, then once I saw it on the ground, I just laughed. Seems you pulled one over on me. Can’t believe there would be photo like this and kudos to you for finding it.

  4. Kinda lame. Usually these things fool me but I saw right thru this one….and it’s midnight on a Friday,…so I’m liquored up. And even I can see her ACTUAL shadow is right under her. And the other shadow is that of an unseen flagpole

  5. I really like it, because it’s both :
    – easy to see the illusion
    – easy to really understand what’s really happening

    So simple, and so powerfull.

    So fun !

  6. I like this one because its not a carefully contrived illusion – just a lucky set of circumstances. Yes its obvious what’s going on but it still fools the senses.

  7. I like that this isn’t an attempt to deceive, but an accidental illusion. Sometimes we see way too many of the same sorts of illusoins. Perhaps, being liquored up might impair judgment in another sense …

  8. Even though I knew what it was right away, I’ve still got to really focus my eyes in order for the mat to not look like it’s floating.

  9. I want a flying carpet too. I wish you would look at Natsumi Hayash levitation. She has a blog. The photos are very simple but well done and very sweet.

  10. the carpet is farther away from the “shadow”
    the shadow is probably painted or something. the sun is positioned exactly so that the real shadow of the carpet cannot be seen.

  11. Why do respondents have to be so boring! Of course she is not levitating, but it is a super picture and has given a great deal of pleasure to a fairly dull morning.

    Its sad that people so much enjoy spoiling the pleasure of some of these illusions that Vurdlak finds for us – it seems that if someone can’t understand something they bellow ‘photoshop’, good advertising for them but that’s about it. However, no photoshop in this, just a good picture taken at the right moment – more please

  12. It’s sort of like a caught in the moment picture.
    Just luck that the shadow of the flag was beside it and the camera was positioned where it was!

  13. This one was spoiled for me because I could only see the actual girl on the mat and not the flag’s shadow when the page loaded.

  14. Great photo!

    It would be even better, I think, if the photo was cropped to eliminate the shadow of the flag pole – so you just saw the shadow of the “carpet” at the bottom of the photo, and the only clue left would be the shadow of the top of the flag pole – and that might easily be mistaken for the shadow of her microphone stand.

  15. I think it is a great photo regardless of what the cynics say. why do some people have to be so negative, probably because they can’t do things like this and are just jealous. I think this site is very good keep it up.

  16. I didn’t even see the illusion until ti was pointed out, as the direction of evident shadows is at odds with perceiving the flag’s shadow as under the speaker’s platform.

  17. I look at these illusions every day and love the diversion and the momentary escape. Of course it’s a flag shadow – genius and of course you saw right through it liquored up rocket scientist! These are illusions people! Lighten up and enjoy something for once.

  18. wow.. wicked cool… hurt my head when i realized the wooden plank was on the sand and the flag was the shadow…. got a headache now.. back to work.

  19. Nice one, but somehow I saw through it at first glance. The lining between the carpet and the sand gave it away for me, THEN it was the shadow of the pole of the flag that caught my attention. I actually had to MAKE my brain think that it’s an illusion to actually imagine that the carpet was floating. Lol, but it was still pretty good. x)

  20. It can obviously be seen that he is not flying. u can see the sand around the carpet. know about the shadow. but really cool.

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