Floating Woman Illusion

Danilo Rodriguez The III. sent this true optical illusion. He said: “Hey I have your site as a little widget thingy on my google/igoogle homepage, and so I figured I might as well send you this email, that was FWD’ed to me with a couple of good illusions“. There were few more in his email, like Spider Effect, Vanishing Haze, Parallel World, Disappearing Spot… etc. But I already wrote about them. Except this one below, which I never saw before. It is really awesome, but you need to know how to look at it. Ok, slowly move your nose towards the screen, almost to touch the screen, and you will notice the magic. Probably this one works best if you open it full size! By the way, I’m really glad you people liked my “random illusion” button in upper-right corner of the site ;)

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  1. Yea i got this illosion straight away, really cool.

    I’d just like to add that when you said:

    “I’m really glad you people liked my “random illusion” button in upper-right corner of the site ;)”

    I think you ment upper-left hand corner???

  2. i had to like squish my nose against the screen but it worked lol… that’s really neat and i’ve never seen anything like that illusion before either… do you think it would work with a real picture and not just a drawing?

  3. I don’t see anything…..I know I’m supposed to be seeing her going through the hoop or something, but whatever it is I’ not seeing it.

  4. thats pretty cool. i kept focusing on the little dot so the woman didn’t go through the hoop.cool illusion

  5. i dont know if anyone noticed… but the perspective is not correct. the side of the cirlce that the man holds with his left hand (which is in the back) is the one that gets in front of the girl. and the other one in the back… i think its a better illusion than first thought. nice job

  6. Great! But, who did put Spain expresident Aznar`s face under gentleman`s hat? Politicians can hypnotize us to fly and vote them with just a few magic words and other hidden technics, but this one makes me thrill…

  7. Just incase you don’t see the illusion right away, try looking at the tip of your nose at the same time looking at the screen as you approach it :)

  8. Ahh, it actually worked better when the image was smaller. At larger size, only her head went through the hoop.

  9. do u americans only know the word “cool”??

    anyway the illusion didn’t work for me..maybe because I’m too intelligent XD

  10. its not that great, all that happens is that you go cross-eyed and everything looks closer together. not that amazing from my view.

  11. I think it happens because as you approach the dot you start to see cross-eyed and therefore it looks like the woman floats towards and partially through the hoop.

  12. i get it you put your eyes up to the dot having your niose touching the dot and look at both the girl and the guy and you see the girl through the hoop.

  13. Isn’t it because ur sight is slightly offset??? if u look at ur nose (go crosseyed) evryting in da background goes double if u hold 2 fingers next 2 eachother and look behind them and get a “hot dog” and if u du it 2 much holdin ur arm out at full length sees somethin double (Dont try 2 get to mi state i see just about evrything double and it gets reely anoyin after about a month.) In this case u just see 2 women but u only wnt 2 see 1 so u do.

  14. Hmmm…

    I admit, when I got up real close to the full sized I could just about see what was supposed to happen but I can’t get the full effect.

    I wear glasses and I think that they keep me from getting the correct focus on the image. And with them off is no good as I’m far sighted…

    Love the idea though.

  15. Hey this image it’s really something. I don’t get it at first. People you have to stuck your nose in the screen, it’s the only way to the magic work correctly =P
    Very nice. hehe

  16. got this one by accident when i went closer to screen to try and figure it out go as cloase as u can and keep looking at it ull see it

  17. If it’s hard to put your face up to the screen, just cross your eyes likeyou do with stereograms and then you will see the girl go through the tube.

  18. how this works:
    move closer to the screen until your nose touches the screen and the woman appears to go through the hoop.

    Extra: If u look carefully at the man’s face, it looks like a photograph.

  19. don’t focus on the image, but rather behind it. it’s called stereo viewing. this is how stereograms work. you know those annoying pictures that look like a jackson pollock painting that you’re supposed to stare at until someone says ” i think i see a boat. “

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