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  1. the explanation does help. but if you stare at the middle then move your eyes either left or right you get a body wave from the other side!

  2. thanks alot…NOW I SEE EVERYTHING LIKE THAT(atleast every time i look at it everything seems like that for a couple of secs)

  3. I don’t understand how people can’t see this! I’ve tried to make it still be i can’t. This is one of the best illusions I’ve seen so far (i’m still browsing this website) although equal with the cushion was (ver very effective) and the one with the spanish castle in black and white. Hehe, i feel a little dizzy now though.

  4. everyone who isn’t seeing this is, wack something is wrong with ur eyes…..don’t forced it just look at it..it may help to just look form left to right!

  5. This one has worked better than any. I didn’t even have to do anything and it just kept moving. It’s the most noticeable illusion I’ve ever come across.

  6. if you all want to see it you have to look at one spot and then move your eyes to another… as I saw it it works for me if i keep changing from each of the corners… and the letters seem to float on the page.

  7. This looks so much like a GIF that I could not believe it was not really animated! I can see how it was made (different letters have different shadows and order of effects vary), but the effect is disturbing!

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