Fire Breathing Dragon Cloud Illusion

Dragons have been the subjects of countless myths and legends throughout the decades. There are stories of dragons across the globe, from the Chinese dynasties to medieval palaces. Dragons have been painted as mean vicious creatures, as regal and loyal creatures, and everything in between. They are most often portrayed as huge flying reptilian beasts. That can breathe fire, of course. Let’s not forget the fire! Because a dragon isn’t a dragon unless it’s a fire breathing dragon, right?

Today’s illusion is a little nod to this fascinating creature…


Actually, now that I’m looking at it more, it doesn’t necessarily look like a dragon breathing fire as much as it looks likeĀ Falkor the luckdragon from the movie Neverending Story.

Doesn’t it?


What do you think? Fire breathing dragon in the couds? Or Falkor the luckdragon?

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