Find The King!


Here’s another great optical illusion puzzle by Donald Rust: Can you find the King in this painting below? When you’re done, just please don’t tell! Instead, comment you found him and share this post further. Let’s see how long does it take before you see him! BTW: don’t forget to check other illusions by Rusty (just in case you missed any). I assure you – it’s well worth your time. Enjoy!

  • Brandon Reese

    Found him in about 5 seconds

    • astrid

      um k i found him in 0.0000000000002 seconds so i win

    • Maddie

      Me too.

  • hadsil

    Saw it even before reading what the illusion was about.

    • Erica

      I can’t find him where in the world is he!!!!!

    • amber

      Me too so easy

    • astrid

      saw it before i even logged onto the computer so there

    • Kai


    • pooly

      me too

  • JohnE

    Took me longer, but I found him after clicking a link and looking at a smaller picture.


    yeh 5 seconds..

  • Jacky

    Took me awhile but the button left picture started it all.

  • Mary

    I must be blind. I don’t see anything.

    • Mary

      Never mind. I found him.

  • Flami-lionhead :D

  • kelvin w


  • z2d4th

    I noticed king of the jungle.

  • Kimon

    I saw the king before I even saw what the photos showed… too easy but still cool

  • svensti

    Found it….If your having trouble, squint your eyes

  • lloyd

    squinting helps

  • breandan

    Saw it on my desktop gadget before I went online. I like this.

  • Nomad

    Took just a few seconds.

  • John

    Saw him in the widget before opening it!!
    Saw the other one too, without turning the picture over!! 8<)

  • Phil

    Don’t look for a person.

  • courlee

    I kept looking for elvis……. but figured it out when i zoomed out.

  • Suzanne

    This is one of the most clever illusions I’ve seen in a while. Difficult to see the closer you get, but can be seen immediately in the widget.
    Love it. :)

  • AmetuerAspirant

    now THIS is amazing, props to the artist!
    you were right, i feel better finding it on my own than looking in the comments for help, though i did have to take a step back and reevaluate for a second, my eyes started to get stuck squinting.

  • Cheddar

    Found him!

  • Karan

    Found him also in about 5 seconds

  • Izhar

    Yes! King is nothing without all these…infact they make kings…

  • bob


  • Natalie

    I first noticed how the scenery of the giraffe photo and the fisherman photo seemed to fit together to form a continuous line.

    I then noticed the eyes and nose of the king.

  • OpticalIllusionist

    Nice. It helps if you move far away from the monitor

  • Tom

    found it

  • Rikke

    please give out hints

  • Rikke

    My son found the king and gave a hint :-)

  • XRayA4T

    I used a mouse to find the king!

  • Kelsey

    nice one!

  • Ron

    took a bit more than 5 seconds for me. de-focus helps. very nice

  • kawodi

    You may look in the eyes of the flamingos…

  • kirolusion

    It took a little longer than expected, but I`ve found it in about 1 minute. I really like the picture.

  • Nils C-son

    Took me about 15 seconds

  • taz

    Hint: Press CRTL + Zoom out with the Mouseweel. Then you will easier see the King of Animals.

  • Lil Miss Efron

    I saw it straight away. HINT: He is a very feminine lion ;)

  • Annie

    Nyeh, nyeh, I saw him !!!

  • i found it out.

  • wefa

    very easy

  • Yep, I found the “king” :-) … great

  • pj

    finding the flamingos might b harder than finding the lion

  • giovanni

    found….. 4 second :-)

  • theresa mccormick

    ok, there use to be a share button. where did it go.

  • Joan Blackberry

    Found it. Beautiful!!

  • Dave

    OH – THAT one

  • Terry

    Very Cool

  • IGSilveira

    Foud it, took me just a few seconds.
    For the ones curious, it takes 3 frames =:)

  • Kairho

    I sneezed just as I started to look at the image and found the king without having read the text.

  • timk

    smaller version was easier to see for me. Saw that in a flash.

  • Fmf

    Realy fast founding.

  • zysmith

    Found it. Nice illusion

  • Mary

    7 seconds.

  • Esha

    where is he???

  • nicola

    10 seconds. great!

  • Tom

    It took me about 30 seconds. Very clever.

  • Mark w Lowry

    Squinted and saw it first, Now I can not see anything but the Lion. this is driving me crazy, That lion will be burned on my brain for months. it is like saying don’t think about an Elephant, That is all you think about, this is wild.

  • Alex

    Found him, I had to step back a bit though…

  • Andrea

    Found just before the page was been completely loaded..

  • Hypersapien

    MOI has been posting some kind of lame illusions lately, but this one is pretty cool.

  • wendy

    It took me a few minutes, but I found him.

  • annie

    I cant see it!

  • oliver sykes

    found him

  • Connie

    Saw him right away!

  • Peter

    Saw it fairly easily by squinting when I looked at it.

  • sanitycure

    what lion?

  • DBergy65

    found him. squint and ignore color.

  • NeeL

    Nice one! I saw it on Facebook, but I couldn’t find it. Of course with the animal theme I had a good idea what to look for, but I couldn’t see it.

    Then I open my iGoogle, see the picture in the small widget and poof! There he was, laying like a boss. I mean king.

  • Glenn

    I helps if the picture is small. Spotted it right away (as with Hadsil) but lost it when I enlarge the picture.

  • Diane

    only saw it in my igoogle .

  • Dave Swan

    Helps if you move back or squint a bit.

  • Psyduck

    Do not look for Elvis!

  • Orack Bobama

    Found him before Brandon did.

  • JFolkes

    Found it. Took awhile but was worth it.

  • John

    Very easy 4 me to spot, saw him the moment I saw the pic.

  • willie

    I saw it before I read it!

  • kova

    too obvious

  • ida

    Wow, this one was really cool!

  • CorralesID

    thats what i call real camo!!

  • george

    found him ! and a sleeping gorilla too!

  • Beverly

    Must B the lion. King of the forest!!!!!

  • kiwicod

    I can see his tail and hindquarters, also his face, but confused by his mane merging with another head !!

    • Ace


  • choy

    saw it in about 3 secs

    • Awesome

      I can see it is at the top right side shut up vurdlak about us not posting answer ontop so ha I ruined ur day hahahaha

  • Lee

    this is pretty cool. I hope i don;t give anything away, but I noticed the head first, and a few seconds later I saw that there was actually a lot more than just the head.

  • Sharon

    I found him fairly quickly also. I love these illusions!

  • Katie

    Saw it the second I looked. :P

  • katie

    I can’t quite piece this one together…
    Maybye I am trying to hard.
    I think the flamingos might be an eye.
    I also realised something odd,
    the stream in the giraffe photo continues as mud and turns into a stream in the photo next to it.


  • Pato


  • onyxbutterfly

    Saw it innediately. Clever though.

  • usk15

    very nice one !

    • antonia

      hi i can see the tail and a leg and its face i fink that it is a lion<3 but i am 10 ind if you get it please tell me XD

  • Found it!

  • Cycloptic Canary

    i saw him from the desktop gadget XD

  • quack yup quack

    cool i found it pretty easy

  • Pithvi

    I is found the Kings of the picture. ;-)

  • shhhhhhh

    awww were is it?? :(

    • astrid

      look at the whole picturee

  • Amy

    the face stuck out like a sore thumb:P took longer to see it all.

  • Bacco

    Saw it before turning on the computer.
    no, it took a minute. Beautiful illusion!

    • astrid

      um k i found it before i woke up so i win lolzpop byeeeeee!

  • Hitendrasinh

    see in the windows gadget

  • Ashley

    found it easier in the smaller pic than the larger one

  • Howard Brazee

    Never found him.

  • Jessica Striker

    Yes I found the King. Kind of hard to miss him, it was the first thing I noticed. It was only on closer examination did I realize what I was seeing was an optical illusion.

  • blob

    WHERE IS IT? Cannot find it at all? any sort of clue at all..?

    • jackywacky

      umm kinda give it away but near top right side

  • spelling corrector

    yay i found it

  • greekfire

    found it

  • hans

    yeah, really quick find.

  • Confuzzle

    Where is it?

  • Chris

    this one took me a while! But to be fair, I was looking for Elvis!

  • Denise

    Saw it immediately.

  • Renee

    found it right away!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really get it… but I think I see some sort of a shape?

  • Mary

    Saw it straight away but didn’t realise it as I was looking for a different King, At least – I assume I am seeing the right one.

  • lena

    lovely lion

  • Robauz

    quite nice esp how it involves all the individual pictures

  • Herman

    in the small window of the gadget you see in immedialtely.

  • buffy

    easy to see if you don’t enlarge the picture

  • rabbit

    can’t work it out!

  • Ken

    4.5 seconds…haha

  • Holly

    Cant see him! some1 tell me where he is!!

  • This picture is so small in the app…
    I still found him in about 2 seconds.

  • erin8ball

    That was easy.

  • edy

    Saw it pretty quick. Love optical illusions

  • ebbhyen

    I’m sorry. I really wish it had taken longer, but like hadsil, I saw it instantly. I think it was the flamingos. Color wise, they seem a little out of place and once your eye focus is on them, well. . . it just kinda happens.

  • cj

    cant find help me please

  • Annie

    Who changed my reply? I didn’t say that I couldn’t see it. How annoying. There was nothing objectionable in what I said.

    I saw it at once, which was gratifying; it is an easy one to see but it’s a very clever painting.

  • jr

    Saw it before I knew I had to search for it.

  • Good, clever fun!

  • minecaricature

    I did see it fairly quickly, but I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been prompted!

  • Nicole

    Wow, that is cool. I had an idea but could not see it at first. When I squinted suddenly there he was.

    Wonderful illusion 5 stars!

  • chloe

    i found it yay!!!!!!

  • hockeyplayah

    It took me forever but i finally found it. HINT: LOOK AT THE BOTTOM LEFT PHOTO AND WORK YOUR WAY UP!

  • Owen

    For those who can’t find it, click the picture and look at the small pic under it n the gallery. ( btw, it’s a @!?$ ) sorry. i am not allowed to tell. But, a small pic is better. try standing way back or using my previous trick

  • The monkey held him at the top of the mountain infront of every anime

  • The monkey help him up infront of everyone

  • spilltojill

    omg – so hard for me. i found it in the tiny thumbnail on the link page (click the pic) but hard to find the lion in the big pic. my eyes hurt.

  • pika


  • Ron

    Nicely done, once you see it you can’t un-see it. I also found it in the thumbnail.


    so CUTE.SAW IT in a second n i was i cnt stop looking at it

  • MasterSpyro001

    IF NOONE KNOWS YET KING MEANS LION!!! and i found him in 2 seconds, no joke. seriously

  • superboy123

    I just Saw my king lion on flamingos picture!

  • Brian

    Trippy dude

  • Nafi

    That’s sooo cool

  • Harper

    Ok, at first I was looking for a LITERAL king! LMBOO But when I looked down at the dude fishing, I was like OH HECKY NAW!! LOL

  • black

    looks like a lion there… with flamingo as the face… this is a very cool optical illusion…

  • Rolf

    It is easier to see him in the big picture if you try to focus your eyes a little bit behind the picture.

  • bianca

    I made the photo smaller then only i found the King… thanks

  • Neds9kelly

    I can the face AND the back

  • emily

    found it. it was hard to find the head i mean i found it but it was hard to see it as it was supposed to be.

  • Rina

    Look at the lion and flamingos at the top right corner. Took me ten mins to find. Also make the image smaller. That will make you find the king.

  • J

    Found it!:)

  • Zedetta

    i saw it on the preview one :| much easier to see if you step away from the computer/make it smaller.

  • Anonymous Girl

    I can see a penguin’s head but that’s it really

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