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So, in the lack of “spot the differences” optical illusions, I have added this one that took my attention. These kind of “illusions” appear rarely on the site, and only reason they do is because you like them so much (at least so I heard). We can hardly consider them illusions. Only reason is because both pictures look the same, even though they aren’t. It’s a stretch, I know – but allows me to share this kind of games with you via Mighty Illusions homepage. I’m not sure how many differences between two photos there are, but I believe there are 12 to be found (I came to this conclusion since there is number 12 inside the name of the pics). If you find more, be sure to share! Another similar game can be found here.

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  1. the clouds, one says footsie and the other says tootsie, the trees, the grate thing in the front, the second one has a gold/yellow thing sticking up between the black round thing with a pole and the other yellow thing, and that’s all I got

  2. I got 7…cloud, trees, poles on front shield thingy, extra wheel, Footsie/Tootsie and something yellow on the top of the middle section.

    Don’t forget to Rock the Vote! today!!

  3. trees behind the train, there is one wheel missing (6 vs 5), the train stack (or whatever the thing where the smoke comes from) that one is moved, clouds, two holes missing in the bumper, there is one badge or white sticker in the right side, the two horns are missing too (little ones) there is a big pipe on top of the machine missing, as I said in my last comment tootsiw and footsie. 9 diferences found so far.

  4. Sorry, 10 forgot the pipe I mentioned before.
    Plus the pole missing that the anonymous guy mentioned we have 11, there is only 1 left.

  5. – There are three and four wheels
    – Bar missing in snow shield
    – Holes in red connection shield
    – Steam Pressure pipe from top to right bottom of the train
    – Where this pipe ends, on the left is missing a white box like thing
    – Trees left top
    – Clouds right top
    – Some kind of lantarn at stearing compartment left top

  6. I believe there are indeed 12 differences:
    1. Center bar in cow catcher
    2. Extra holes in red bumper
    3. Some sticker to the right of the front of tank
    4. Trees
    5. lack pipe to the left of tank
    6. Shifted smokestack
    7. Some tube to the right of tank
    8. Something yellow (whistle toot?) on top
    9. Extra wheel
    10. Clouds
    11. Tootsie-Footsie
    12. (hardest to spot) STEAM vs. STAEM – find it! :)

  7. Found # 12!!!!!! Look at the front of the machine. One says STEAM LOCOMOTI… and the other says STAEM LOCOMOTI…

    There you go… 12 diferences found… !!!!

  8. Here are the differences:

    1. Missing bar in cow catcher
    2. Extra holes in the red bumper
    3. Sticker to the right above the red bumper
    4. Tootsie -> Footsie
    5. Bigger trees
    6. Cloud
    7. The smokestack isn't touching the headlight
    8. There is a copper-type pipe running from the top to the side
    9. Missing the very small gold pipes/whistles on the top near the back end of the engine
    10. The extra wheel
    11. Staem -> Steam
    12. Pipe missing just to the lower left of the headlight

  9. 1..footsie-tootsie
    2..the trains are different shades/one is darker than the other
    3..trees on left are different in the sky
    5..the front views of the train are 2 different lengths in the frame.
    6..the smoke stacks are different hieghts
    8..the bar in the front grill one is missing
    9..small sticker on top train by front top step
    10..cylinder shape object towards person on the bottom train
    11..pipe going over the top of the train towards front on the bottom train
    12..yellowish building top showing on the bottom train along the horizon

  10. ummm…found nine
    1. extra wheel in first pic
    2. tootsie and footsie
    3. grate at tehf ront
    4. the missing cloud in the first pic
    5. the tree in background
    the missing gold/yellow boxy thingy that is missing in first pic
    6. the missing bar thingy that is near the front of the train
    7. the missing label thingy at the very front of the train
    8. the chimney thingy where the smoke is supposed to come from is closer to the front of the train in first pic
    9. the little red dotty thingy that is very hard to notice on the white boxy thingy that is behind the pipes near the wheels is arranged in different places on the box…or mayb thats just the different amount of wheels…

  11. C’mon man, you’re always saying that you have all sorts of images submitted each day. Stop the picture searches. I liked them when I was 8 years old, but they are lame and not optical illusions.

  12. -Center bar in cow catcher
    -A sticker to the right of the front of tank
    -STEAM vs. STAEM (black letters on front)
    -Some tube to the right of tank
    -Extra wheel
    -lack pipe on side
    -Something yellow on top of train
    -extra holes on the front

  13. trees
    smoke stack
    bar-front grill
    bar-left of wing symbol
    bar-train side, copper, top to yellow line
    sticker-left of yellow line front slope
    hole-red bumber guard
    hole-red bumber guard, over rivet
    4 vs 3 wheels
    extra barrell/drum-left of engieneer
    light tan building tip-right of pointed dome
    Nameplate-‘f’ vs ‘t’
    nameplate- ‘taem’ vs ‘team’
    different pole tips- front of train

  14. I have seen all the thing missing that people missing, before I looked at the “answers.”One thing no one has noticed or mentioned is that the steam pipe is move forward or backwards…whichever was the original.? Also a rock is missing. Good luck seeing that.

  15. 1cLOUD

  16. There are only 9 differences :S:S

    (I cheated btw..)

    So, As I cheated, I Won’t tell what the differences are. But trust me, there are only 9

  17. OMG it took my mom and I like 20 mins to find them all and this is one of the hardest ones i have ever done…..quite the good job you did here :)

  18. I found 12 and 13 would be the color of the photos. There is no person in there that just looks like a little tiny person near where the missing wheel is suppose to be.

  19. top pic has 4 wheels. bottom has 3.
    bottom has red wire on doesn’t
    top sign says footsie.bottom says tootsie
    bottom has big tree in background,top has small one.

    thats all i see.

  20. 1. clouds – top right

    2. trees – top left

    3. bar – left of the headlight

    4. bar – front bottom of train

    5. sticker – front right of train

    6. funnel – top front of train

    7. amount of wheels – side of train

    8. lamp – top centre of train

    9. circles – front bumper

    10. bar – in middle running from center to top of train

    11. name – top = footsie bottom = tootsie

    12. silver box – middle of train after wheels

    that was hard!

  21. There are more than 12 differences/mismatches in the pic even if u dont consider color difference and the stones that was mentioned in the comments earlier…enjoy :)

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