Few More Perspective Skull Optical Illusions

Hellllooo there – Happy Easter to all of you around the world who celebrate it! I know Easter was yesterday, and my sloppiness isn’t the reason for not giving my good wishes – the reason are my contradictorily standings on such topic, since I’m trying to keep this site universal for all religions, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. I’m not completely sure should I seasonally decorate the site with suiting Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc. motives. What is your opinion on this troubled topic (for me). Please guide me.

Anyways, probably not suitable with yesterday’s Holly day, here are few more variations of “Perspective Skull” illusion. This wasn’t intended as something rude, it just came to my mind after finishing the article, so nothing intentional or cynical about it. Trust me. Also, i understand this kind of illusions were already featured dozen of times, and probably amaze you less each time. Well I understand this, and it was the sole reason to include all other skull images that were left. No more – I hope… Few dozen more can be found if you use the search box, and type “skull illusion” in it.

35 Replies to “Few More Perspective Skull Optical Illusions”

  1. First? Well, I didn’t get it at first, but if you still don’t see it, try looking a few inches to the side of the image. That’s what I did.

  2. You’re right, skull illusions are less and less exciting.

    As for your petition, it sounds like you are apologizing for posting to your blog. Why don’t you run this site as YOUR site, and not worry about tolerance for once?

  3. Interesting illusions.

    As for your request, it amazes me what does and what does not offend people these days. I say do as you please as there is no way to please everyone, no matter what you do

  4. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for not bringing religious icons to this site. We see it everywhere else during certain times of the year. We don’t need it here, too!

  5. not bad.

    I don’t think you should worry about people being upset. Go ahead and do stuff, if you have it, for the world’s major holidays. We all live in this world, and we can handle it.

  6. yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!i’m THE FIRST ONE!but you know wat,these are REALLY REALLY COOL!!though you get a bit scared when you see the skull all of a sudden!!(i wuz scared outta my skin when i saw the last one)!!!i’ve came to know about this site a few days ago, u see, but now i’m beginning to think it’s the best one ever for illusions!!!!thank you to whoever owns this wonderful site!

  7. Hmm, yes, these pictures weren’t the best. For some reason i thought the illusion in the first one was the reflection of Jesus, but i think that was not in fact part of the illusion!

    Regarding the holidays, my preference is to celebrate everything! Sure, wish us a happy Easter, but how about a happy Purim too?! Plus it is new year for a lot of people! :)

  8. All of them except the second one are pretty easy to see, and they don’t impress me much actually. They’re definately Photoshopped, but nice pieces of artwork nonetheless.

  9. Yay! first post!
    I am christian, so I wouldn’t mind you putting up religious pictures. As long as you aren’t trying to make us follow a certain religion. I also wouldn’t mind if you were to put up, say, pictures of menorahs (or however you spell it). About the pictures, I don’t get the one with the heart.


  10. These are cool. I love this site! The only complaint I have is there’s never enough new ones…lol.

    As far as you having topics or as you put it “seasonally decorating” topics – I personally think the answer is easy. Do what you believe in and don’t worry about the rest of the world. If they chose not to come to your site, it is their loss, not yours. I believe you will see a difference if you follow ONLY your heart…

  11. Ah man, I hate having to be the first one to say this… I don’t get the first illusion! I mean, I take it there is a skull hidden somewhere. But the last one is really obvious, and the first one is somewhat less obvious. I meanI think I see a skull with the picture of Jesus and her head making two eyes, but that looks way too feeble to be a good illusion. What am I missing lol? Anyone wanna lend me a hand?!

  12. I found the 1st one befor i read the article which i found surprising. The second one is the coolest (the scull is sidewayse) but yea the one made out of ducks is pathetic it made me laugh too

  13. it took me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long to finally figure out the second one i had to read through all the comments for clues and it still took me ages to get it even tho the teeth were clearly visible

    great sight i luv it

  14. this almost made me pee my pants. im eight skulls scare me i just zoomed past.. but i got a glimpse of the first one.. scary it looked like the person died while it was winking and then some parts of the eye were preserved creepeh

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