Few More Dice and Lego Triangles

I’m very proud of our previous optical illusion, and was somehow unexpectedly shocked when I found out how many of you are there, having problem recognizing colors. Hope you guys don’t have much problems with it, while living your every day life. It was very educational to find out this disability mainly occurs among male audiences. In the mean time, I found some additional impossible triangles, consisted of dice and Lego. Since we already featured both of them (similar examples), I couldn’t decide should I post these very similar ones as well. In my opinion they are both visually very nice, and it would be a shame if they got unnoticed, so I gave it a shot. By now, you should have no problem understanding how these were constructed, and hope you are aware they can be created in real life too, without using Adobe Photoshop or any similar CGI programs.

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  1. Cool optical illusion, but maybe you should think about different things to never ending shapes, like the colour blind tests. Adds a bit of variation.
    I cant resist saying this, so here it goes…
    YAYYY first post

  2. I’m amazed that these can be created in real life. I understand how they are drawn. Is there somewhere that explains how to physically build these? I am assuming there is no trick photography involved.

  3. What do you mean ‘they can be created in real life’, i don’t see how, aren’t they called ‘impossible objects’??

  4. I’ve never seen anything like this before! Its very confusing to look at, its very good though. Would love to see one in real life!

  5. its all about the angle, the legos were set on the floor then the big pile was stacked with only one brick on top then from the right angle it looks like the thing is complete

  6. @PecosPeet:

    actually, it IS trick photography…sorta. the object is constructed as a l-shape with a bar sticking up out of it. the bar has a notch cut in the top that from a certain angle perfectly aligns with the side of the l, creating the illusion that that part of the l is on top of it.

  7. I don’t really understand how that works but anyway its still interesting to show that you can make it yourself, although there has to be a trick to it even though it looks real.

  8. These can be created in real life. The shapes created only resemble in at an extremely precise angle, though. Love the site Vurdlak!

  9. Do you mean to say someone actually when out and built an imposable triangle with Lego. If this is true would that not mean that the triangle is no longer imposable? Anyway great website, and I think this is a very neat picture.

  10. that’s the amazing part of this particular illusion — it appears that someone has actually built an Impossible Object.

    However, it’s all in the photography. In order for it to work, it has to be photographed at just the right angle… otherwise you’d see the pieces aren’t truly connected.

    there are some “3-D” images of “real” Impossible Objects that show them from all angles, where you can see the illusion breaks.

  11. if it was how you said it was to be, with a notch sticking out at the top, how come we cannot see the 3rd side of the top brick which is supposedly connected to the rest of the formation?? i think there may unfortunately be some photoshopping here ;)

    very cool, very standard illusion!

  12. I love these! To me, they never get old!I would really like to build one but I need to learn how first :) Vurdlak, YOU ROCK! Btw, how did you get your site like this? My blog doesn’t look anything like this! Anyway…

    In Death I Trust~Mazz

  13. u notice somin, thetop row of ego peices, how are they connected… u can only connect a lego peice from the top or bottom, just saying :O

  14. Guys, its easy to make. Make a right angle with some legos. Then, on a peice of paper, draw what would be the “tower” making it impossible. Position the paper correctly and VOILA.

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