Few More Color Illusions

I’m very glad you have enjoyed my new method of posting solutions. Somehow there are still few among us that missed the expandable box, I placed below the first sandwich illusion. Perhaps my solution thingy doesn’t work in all browsers? I gave it a test in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, and all three gave a positive result. If you use some other, more exotic web browser, be sure to share your experience. In the mean time, here are two identical doggies for you. Not only are they exactly the same in size, but they also wear the same color. How can this be, you ask yourself? Well, as we thought you many times before, never underestimate power of the background. To show you the proof, once again I added the expandable solution right underneath the first image. I hope you’ll get used to it.

2 dogs optical illusion
[DDET Click To Expand The Solution!]
dogs optical illusion solution

36 Replies to “Few More Color Illusions”

  1. Hi, I really like te solution box;) I tested it on Safari too en it works fine;)

    Keep up te good work:P I love your site

  2. The solution link blends into the page. Make it more apparent, add a border, make it a different colour, whatever it takes to make it stand out.

  3. I just wanted to say that I love the new “show/hide solution” option. BTW I’m using Firefox 3. Keep up the good work!

  4. I like this illusion. The color is just unreal! The show hide thingie worked for me in Netscape 7.2 for Mac, and Safari 4 beta.

  5. Hi this is one of the best optical illusions you’ve posted. Also I tested it on google chrome, firefox, minefield (aka firefox 64 bit), internet explorer, internet explorer 64 bit, safari, opera, and the opera browser for the Archos 5 pmp and they all work great. Keep up the good work, Zach.

  6. The solution box should work on most browsers that allow scripts.

    However, paranoid Firefox users (like me) tend to have an add-on called NoScript installed. What this does is disable any kind of script from running on the page unless you specifically allow it from the source.
    i.e. if I disallow moillusions.com from running scripts, javascript:expandcollapse(‘sandwich1’) doesn’t work, and hence no solution dropdown.

    Browsers that don’t allow your website to run scripts will be having problems with your new feature; my advice to those who can’t get it to work is to make sure that your browser allows moillusions.com to run scripts (it isn’t running anything malicious, don’t worry!)


  7. That is an optical illusion in every sense of the word. There is no trickery with some sort of add-on (like the sanger in the sack – Aussie jargon for ‘sandwich in a lunch or plastic bag’) which is more an added or special effect or the “Can you see the hidden boys in the picture?” which is a simple puzzle.

    Having said that, I love this site and the different items of interest it has to show us. So I keep coming back! :)

    — The Roc

  8. I LOVE the new show/hide solution box! This website is awesome, I’m hopeless at optical illusions, now I can actually see what everyone else is seeing!!! Thanks!

  9. That is so hard to believe those two are identically coloured. Really cool.

    And let me add my voice to teh positive reaction to hiding the solution. Although I do agree with #12 Anonymous that it would be a little better if the box stood out more.

    Keep up your great work Vurdlak. This site has become my favourite web site.

  10. In Chrome (on an old XP machine)
    And under Windows 7

    though In google reader (RSS feeds)
    it just shows the image…

  11. Didn’t comment when I first saw this as i was in a rush but, I like this illusion by the way its good:)
    I was like “No don’t tell me that those are the SAAAME” when looking at the picture because I thought arrh they must be but it soooo doesn’t look like they are! then when I saw the illusion I was like =O! haha, nice, also yep the show/hide thing is great =)

  12. Nothing to stop someone altering the solution images though, no offence…

    In the solution images, it might just be my paranoia, but the dogs faces look smaller…

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