Felice Varini’s 3D Paintings

cdqFelice Varini is an artist who makes 3D Paintings that give you impresion of a 2D object. He’s really talanted as you can see. These painted form achieves its coherence when the viewer stands at the certain point, but when he moves out of it, the work meets with space generating infinite vantage points on the form. Maybe you remember our previous posts, “3D Painted Rooms” and “3D Painted Buildings“? I just learned that Felice did those too! Amazing! Jump inside this post to see bunch more! And here’s a video clip that shows you how these illusions work.

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  1. Is this a new type of vandalism or do people actually pay to have this done? Seems cool when you take a photo and put it online, but from any other angle I’m sure its not as impressive and probably quite stupid looking. Way to go Felice.

    1. I don’t see how can you say something like that with the eyes-of-the-mind-and-only – without having had the experience of meeting such patterns somewhere.

      picture yourself seeing a similar shape on the street, somewhere, sometime, and tell me if the “not as impressive and probably quite stupid looking” wouldn’t suddenly become quite interesting and you wouldn’t start looking for those stupid forms “just because”, just to check, who cares?

      the mind that opens itself for a new thought never returns to its original size. ever. albert einstein said so.

  2. It is amazing!

    And SARGe, that is the whole point that it works only from a certain angle.
    The art is something that makes the artists put everything they got into creating that special song or a painting or anything else.

    Felice realized how this works and most likely loves doing so.
    You can see just by looking at these photos how much this means to him.

    I really like them and I wish I could have my home painted that way. It would be really cool.

  3. I think it is quite interesting..
    does it realy look like vandalism to you sargE? pitty

    anyway… keep it up Felice..
    it’s good work

  4. You sure these aren’t photoshopped? The first three are of the same doorway; I can accept the walls being repainted but from the first shot (cube image) the floor would need painting too. Not arsed to comment on the rest.

    1. not faked and not photoshoped. trust me. i hav seen ppl paint these. they have this whole measure-system-way-thingy. but its definitely REAL.

  5. Ooh, you bitch.

    Do you really think we have a bunch of ‘nu-wave’ graffiti artists bombing round doing this?

  6. I its what I’d call incidental art. Its not something thats ment to be looked at all the time like regular art. Instead its something to be noticed now and a gain like a nice secrete.

  7. HoofFoot, you must be delusional of you think that is are, all that would take is a light projector a pencil, paint and some time, it doesnt make you see into the depths of any newer calling or power and if it does something for you, then you dont know life and the true beauty of things.

  8. these look fake. it is possible to do but i think these particular photos are done with photoshop. if you look closely, you can see the imperfections. the first 3 look like tape and the 9th one has a spot missing that wasnt painted. definitly fake… but still looks neat.

  9. I think the people who thought this was stupid, or fake, or anything else along those lines are just a bunch of close minded pesimists (spelling?). That is actually very unique art.

    As for the person who commented that the doors looked the same. There are two simple answers to that.

    1) They ARE all the same door and it was just repainted several times. Artists DO reuse their canvas from time to time.

    2) It could be the way the building was built. It is quite possible that this building has several of the same doorway.

    But all in all, if you look close enough at several of these you can see minor flaws. Especially in the circumfrence of some of the circles. If it was photoshopped these flaws would not be present unless the photoshoppist put the flaws in, but for such a trivial issue as ART…why go to the MASSIVE trouble to put flaws in your photoshop work? Its alot harder to PURPOSELY put flaws into the work than you would think.

  10. BTW…if you are going to continue to claim they are fake, why dont you read the intro paragraph at the top? In the very last line is a link to a video clip that SHOWS you how these illusions work. Stop trying to disect something that doesnt need to be disected.

  11. They also did this in Japan’s subway. It’s perspective art and it IS real. Funny how the advent of photoshop leads all people to be so skeptical.

  12. These could not have been photoshoped. In photo shop circles are perfect. Look @ pic 4. The circle is a perfect circle. So that proves he wasnt tracing ether, he just painted. The coment that has a web adress, go there, It has proof its not a photo shop thing. So all of u who say it is SHUT THE %*#[email protected] UP

  13. Fake. These are obviously photoshopped. The other ones, the ones listed under “3D Wall Paintings” or something similiar are real. But as you can see, these ones have no pictures proving that they are real. Only the first one does, and that isn’t even real proof. Because, if you’ll notice, on the first picture, of the yellow box wireframe on the blue wall, the yellow paint passes over the light switch. In the other pictures, the yellow paint does not pass over the lightswitch. If painted, it would cross over the switch from all perspectives.

    Not all are fake. But, the blue room cannot be real.

    It isn’t that I don’t believe any of these can be done, as this site has plenty of real examples, the blue room is in fact fake though.

    P.S. Circles aren’t always perfect in Photoshop . . .

  14. This is in no way fake, as was said earlier. I don’t even know why you’re questioning the integrity of the art or artist at this point. There are facts to prove its authenticity.

    And the comment on ‘the blue room has to be fake, the paint isn’t over the light switch in all of them’. They’re different pieces of art. If you look carefully, the three blue room paintings are different illusions. They aren’t proof of the cube illusion. One is a line illusion, and the other is a scatter illusion.

    study what you look at or put your foot in your mouth.

  15. A passerby, you might not know how much art means to an artist, the feeling you get when you make your ideas and dreams come true, be it on paper or a concrete wall.
    It doesn’t show you the meaning of life, but it feels like you have freed yourself and are able to do things not just anyone can or aren’t interested in doing.

    Have you ever had that feeling, when you have a great idea and you just have to make it come into reality, you have to set it free, get it out of your head for everyone to see?

  16. Heyy i dont know if these are reall or fake. But i am inclinde [How thaa fk do yoo spell??] To think these are real. As The All Have Shadows on in the Correct places and i dont think anyone could make these up them display them to people.

  17. OMG! Why do people have to keep saying that it is projected/photoshoped. It is painted by someone who has skill at painting so that it will look a certain way from perticular angles. If you look closely you will be able to see that it is on diferent walls, not to mention the pictres from other angles witch show that it looks different (there aren’t any in this post, but if you look at others of this type, you will find them).

  18. “i’m taking a class in which we learn to use photoshop, and we just did these things. it’s really not hard at all.”

    Yes, but there is some one who did it without using photoshop, and I dought that it was “not hard at all”.

  19. How is it possible that every time I read comments there are always SO many people saying the illusion is fake? Just because photoshop exists doesn’t mean everyone uses it.

  20. sorry, but ive seen these types of illusions “paintings”, and these are the cheesiest. brush or computer? im goin with computer.

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