Fake Nude Lady Optical Illusion


Check out this hell of a funny .gif animation, one that could easily fool you into believing we weren’t supposed to share, specially because of our safe-for-all-ages strict policy. But I promise you, that once you see the looping animation from start to its end, you’ll quickly realize there wasn’t anything wrong with it in the first place.

I believe we successfully managed to fool you this time! I firmly believe you won’t find posts like this untasteful, and instead will have a laugh like I did. Anyway, I expect seeing this on bunch of forums anytime soon, mainly used as an avatar in your profile :D For more (fake) sexy illusions of this type, be sure to visit appropriate #sexy tag. BTW, anyone knows which show was this taken from? I believe they were heavily inspired by Bald Gentlemen illusion prior to making this gig.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    That’s from the Benny Hill Show…
    The 2 bald guys were regulars. I actually think I have a copy of the original show somewhere on VHS.

    • Scott

      VHS!!! What Is that???lololo

  • It’s from “The Benny Hill Show”.

  • yannick

    ha-ha!! very funny.

    it’s moving too fast too appreciated it at its true value

    nice found!

  • Jeff

    I believe this is from something like the Benny Hill Show.

  • Salutious

    Fake Nude Lady is a clip taken from the Benny Hill Show. very funny and lots more illusions such as this one. show is on DVD check it out

  • This is a clip from “The Benny Hill Show”, which was very popular in the UK 1960s through the 1980s.

  • joseph ts.

    This is typical British comedy routine.Very funny without being rude!I know the show but can’t remember the name of it!

  • Steve

    I expect this was from the UK’s Benny Hill Show – neither of the gentlemen in the picture are Benny Hill but they are his regular “foils”

  • Kiweagle

    It’s from The Benny Hill Show.

  • codie

    The Fake Nude Lady illusion is from The Benny Hill Show, a no longer in production British TV show.

  • Luis Mussio

    That is from Benny Hill. The bold guys are Jackie Wright and Bob Todd.

  • Steve


    They are Jackie Wright and Bob Todd

  • Firstly, very entertaining website. Secondly, this “clip” was taken off The Benny Hill Show from the UK. :)

  • SnowBerey


  • bob

    Benny Hill clip, I think.

  • Phillip

    That’s The Benny Hill Show.


    Haha funny illusion!

  • Well looks like most people have seen this on Benny Hill, funny as Hell, he always used humor to make illusions that would make most of us laugh…………

  • Jasholine

    o wow im impressed very good

  • ramiro


  • ohmygosh

    well, the bald guys’ heads are a little too low…

  • William Schneider

    This is from the Benny Hill Show. I recognize the little guy as one of Benny’s straight men.

  • Ashley Lenehan

    Benny Hill show, i remember watching this when i was a kid and laughung my head off then and it is still funny now

  • Robert Waite

    Looks like a clip from a Benny Hill sketch

  • Your Mom


  • Space girl


  • Jack

    It is from The Benny Hill Show. Benny Hill was noted by Hal Roach as the funnist men on TV. He passed away a few years ago in his sleep from a heart attack. He is very much missed. His show will live on.

  • richard hammond

    very funny it would be better if it were slower

  • Fred

    For a moment I thought you were going to get risquè with us…

  • Takehiro Fujii

    It’s so funny!
    I like it!

  • Pygormus

    The word is “distasteful”, not “untasteful”.

  • unow#1

    its guy

  • Why do ppl keep on saying it’s from Benny Hill even after the first time it was said?

  • Colin

    You’ll find the cast here, the two actors were Bob Todd and Jackie Wright. The actress was Jenny Lee-Wright

    Many of the old british comics were famous for their verbal as well as visual illusions. Dick emery had an illusion using a window a sa mirror to make it appear that both his legs were up off the ground. Can’t find an image of this unfortunately

  • Tonya

    None other than Benny Hill!

  • Lien A. Trinh

    I miss The Benny Hill Show. R.I.P. Benny Hill. =(

  • Grace


  • Stanleyyay

    i cabt help but wonder i saw this before

  • mona

    Jajajajaj muy buena!!! jajajaja este era muy buen show

  • I love how first you think it’s boobs, then you think it’s melons, then it’s actually two dudes bald heads

  • Barbara Barron

    Hilarious, timeless British humour, the best in the world.I think there was a television program that showed clips of humour from other countries, it demonstrated that we are the best.
    It kept us going during the war.
    I think I know the clip about the comic with two legs off the ground, and I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure it was Tony Hancock

    • Tubbs

      The two legs floating in the window gag attributed to Tony Hancock or Dick Emery on here was usually done by Harry Worth, a google search for his name shows the gag in use.

  • At the end of the animation.. Is that a rubber duck in the left-bottom corner?
    Great illusion!

  • ZL123

    Haha, but I’ve already seen it before.

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