The Face Is Infact Shallow!

You won’t believe me on this one, I can guarantee you that! Would you think I was crazy if I told you that the model of the face you see on the photo below is actually shallow? Yes shallow, concave, embedded call it what you will. It isn’t embossed like you think it is. In other word, it isn’t convex. You can check this by your self if you jump inside the article. You will see the “shallow mask” from other points of view, and then notice I was telling you the truth. This is one of the most famous optical illusion effects, which I covered on this site in the past. Just check Einstein’s Mask and Charlie Chaplin’s head, and you’ll see what I mean. I forgot, Bjorn Borg’s face has the same effect as well. Similar illusions: Rocks ‘n’ holes, Sand hand print, Mars craters… If you didn’t notice by now, all of the links I highlighted in the texts I wrote, are links to similar optical illusions to the one being presented to you! Enjoy! Vurdlak

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  1. I’ve had to plaster my face before. Not very fun. It’s like a cold brick weighing down your face…and you can’t breathe very well. Sucks!

  2. Weird… No not the picture, the pudding i had from last week, i just found it now, OH! it’s chocolate now, i swore it was vanilla last week. OH YA about the picture…. (No Comment)

    1. at the person that said; Weird… No not the picture, the pudding i had from last week, i just found it now, OH! it’s chocolate now, i swore it was vanilla last week. OH YA about the picture…. (No Comment) stop taking quotes from hannah montana to try and be funny…

    2. lol that’s from Suite Life of Zack and Cody. he said “i could’ve sworn it was vanilla”

  3. This is the same person who said the thing about the pudding, i think thats the same stuff they make Make-Up From, Right?

  4. There are similar sculptures in he walls of St. Basil Chapel at the University of St. Thomas in Houston. The chapl was designed by architect Philip Johnson.

  5. Pics quite kl tho its jus the shadin by light angle and possibly human interventon…I am however intrigued by this cake.. cos the chocolate to vanilla transfer seems the real illusion here!

  6. This is pretty sweet, although I agree that the illusion would only work in certain lighting.

    And I also think a few of you need to learn how to write an intelligent comment.

  7. how do we know that it’s still the same mask? it could be photos of two different masks used to trick people.
    i’ve seen a lot of stuff like this and it’s almost always because of the angle of the light
    i think its a girl
    maybe the puddings flavour changed because it’s gone off or you dropped it in some chocolate or it’s a different pudding.

  8. Ya That PUDDING GUY, is mitchell… i just didn’t know if the “Other” idenity, was optionaly, like the website name and stuff..

  9. Hi,

    I could be wrong but there is something fishy about this. If we are seeing the inside side of the mask then the structure of the nose would be different As in since the nose would be covered by paster, the mould would come out pushed inside. & if we ere seeing the other side ie the outside of the mask – then the eyes cannot be like tht… u get what I am saying. Like when we see the person with the mask on him, his nose is protruding outside -towards teh viewer. But the eyes or mouth are not as clear as in the first picture of the mask. Now if u go back to the 1st picture of teh mask, the nose is protruding towards us & the eyes & mouth are well moulded……. maybe I am wrong… help some one


  10. To The pudding person…
    I’m pretty sure you got that from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody… If you’ve heard of it…
    About the picture… That picture pretty much made my head spin!(not literally)

  11. Mati12 and others,

    The trick to seeing through the illusion is start at the adam’s apple and look down the curve to the chin impression. That’s where the lighting doesn’t support the illusion. The nose looks elevated because the eyes are fooled by the lighting on the top of the head and the sides- it is instinctive to look at a face from the top down. Look at the neck first, and you will see how the lighting fools you. There may have been some stenciling of the eyes, but that is the only trickery I would suggest- this is a concave mask lit from above with the top of the head lowered away from you so you can’t see the true nose impression. Nice work!

  12. This is really neat. This is our first time on this site and some of the pictures are really impressive and some are not so impressive but are OK to look at I guess. I appreciate All Artwork, but I have to say Photography is my least favorite. There really is some neat stuff to look at here though. Thanks!

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